Smart plug with power meter on European market

Q1) Can anyone recommend a smart plug available in Europe/EU that reports power consumption?

Q2) Is anyone using the BlitzWolf BW-SPH13 Zigbee 3.0 plug with Hubitat Elevation c7? If the answer is yes, could you please drop a few lines on how it works?


A little update here...

Beside BlitzWolf smart plug (16A), Fibaro (11A) and Qubino (16A) smart plugs ticked all the boxes as well. Even though both BlitzWolf and Qubino plugs were better/more desirable plugs than Fibaro plug, in the end i went with Fibaro due to improper driver support for both BlitzWolf and Qubino plugs.

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And do the fibaro's work ???
the FGWPE 101 ZW 5 versions do not work with th ebuilt-in driver: they can be switched on and off but won't report energy or power....

You can check this thread: [BETA] Tuya Zigbee Metering Plug

Fibaro smart plugs work, no problems with them so far (got two pieces). However i had to turn off all their logs off as they were too chatty and had the impression that they were slowing down the hub.

Thanks kkossev, but i'm not interested in beta stuff, i'm not a beta-tester.

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Good point! This reminds me that the status must be changed.
Once a community application or driver is confirmed to be working by others and is available for automatic updates from HPM, its status should not be ''beta' anymore,

Well, are you absolutely sure ? Are they reporting power and energy ? My 8 European plugs do not report these data. If I make a small time graph with Hubigraph and plot power and/or energy over time all I get is a flat line, whatever you do with the plugs: couple them to different loads the energy and power are not reported unless manually clicking the 'refresh button'.

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