Smart Plug needed with HOLD Power button function or NO button

Hi all. Can you recommend a reliable smart plug for Hubitat Elevation C5 that would have a function to program power button to be help 3-5 sec to toggle On/OFF, or WITHOUT a power button at all - to prevent accidental pressing? It doesn't have to be outdoor rated, load is a personal computer - approx 150W peak.

I'm having this issue of people accidentally pressing the button while checking on the smart plugs which power critical equipment such as computers.


I can't think of any without a manual button, but perhaps the position of the button is the issue.

What plugs are you currently using?

IKEA Tradfri outlets (at least the original ones) have no power button on the outlet itself.


How about putting some glue around the button so it won't move? Something clear.

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This one:

SONOFF S31 Lite 15A Zigbee Smart Plug

Thanks. How reliable are these? I need the as reliable as possible.

Actually a good idea, thanks. I can probably open it up and remove the button all together. So I think my priority is probably shifting towards picking a most reliable device regardless of button. Any recommendations please?

I have all of these:

And haven't had an issue with any of them.

Thanks. My situation is a bit different: this is for a remote operation when I'm not available to change the device in case of failure and people who are available aren't technically inclined at all. Are all of the commonly available units of about same quality ?

Devices on a mesh network are as reliable as the weakest point in the mesh. And this goes for both zigbee and z-wave.

I'm aware of what you mean.

They are. The Tasmota plugs are probably the cheapest feeling ones. The Kasa and Zooz Zen15 feel the most solid. The ZEN15 is definitely overkill for your use case. The Kasa plugs also have the benefit of being cheap. The gift/curse is they are WiFi based, but with local control. No reliance on Z-meshes, but they have to be polled by the hub for updates (like energy readings, current being pulled, current power reading, whether or not the plug has been physically turned off). The hub is able to instantly control them though through the local connection. So on/off from the device page is instant. They also have the benefit of being controlled remotely via the Kasa app regardless of whether or not the Hubitat hub is online.

I'm not concerned about the wireless coverage/range because the plug will be within 7ft from Hubitat, but I'm trying to minimize the chance of smart plug failure which is usually caused by relay or other electronic components failure.

My experience with multiple zigbee coordinators (including Hubitat models) suggests that physical distance is a poor indicator of how reliably a device will remain on the mesh. I have a device (Innr zigbee plug) that is literally 4 feet away from the coordinator that only remains connected to it if there's a repeater about a foot away from the device.

I would suggest that you get a "dumb" (non power monitoring) smart plug. The ones with power monitoring try to do you and themselves a favor by shutting down with high current. Alas, sometimes the readings aren't correct and they shut themselves down for no reason. I think this is true for Zigbee and Z-Wave plugs.

Also, Zigbee hasn't been a stellar performer of late. Perhaps a "dumb" smart Z-Wave plug would be best? I'm not sure who has them.

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Yes, I absolutely do not need power monitoring option. Just a reliable Zigbee or a Z-Wave outlet.

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