Smart Monitor: which bulbs support flash?


Can someone let me know what bulbs they are using with the smart monitor system that can flash? When I set lights to flash it logs an error that the device does not support flash. All my bulbs are generic zigbee bulbs device types.


It was working 2 version ago so most lightly a bug. @bravenel? I get this as well.
app:3002018-03-18 19:33:28.215:errorCommand ‘flash’ is not support by device.


Not all devices support it. We will investigate. Could be we need to add it to some of the drivers.


Not sure where this discussion went, but did anyone ever find any bulb that would support flashing. I sure would be nice to use with my garage smoke detector and HSM.


Well the Philips hue bulbs do (via the bridge). But the driver isn't supporting it at the moment.