Smart Lock SMARTS on opening

Does anyone know if there is a way to determine if a smart lock is unlocked from outside with a code or from the inside with the knob/lever? I would like to take action with one but not the other. Most of my smart locks are Yale.

You can on kwikset (manual shows up in the event as unlocked by manual). Although on kwikset you get double events which still makes it hard to distinguish anyway - so that is only of limited benefit.

I don't have a yale so can't comment on those.

Example on kwikset:

By code:

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That’s a definite yes for the Yale zigbee locks because I make use of this in Node Red automations.


Thanks for responses. My Yale's are Zwave as I recall. I'll have to check them out a bit closer.

Here's what events look like:

Code vs thumbturn/key are easy to distinguish both for unlock and lock events

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