Smart Lock Other Actions?

So I have been searching for a while and I can't seem to find much of anything on this...

I am wondering if it is possible to use my smart locks, Yale real living, to control other things with different codes? So if I enter 1111 it would unlock the door. If I enter 2222 it would open the garage door. 3333 could turn on some lights or something like that.

The only thing I have seen is the code manager seems to only care about unlocking and locking the door itself. The only way I can think in my mind is to actually unlock the door then it will report that x user unlocked the door, it would do the action, then lock the door again. It would be unnecessary use on the lock and battery drain but it might work. I don't think I would use it all that often since I usually have my phone or watch with me.

Just wondering if anyone else had done something like this before?

Sort of. You can trigger a rule based on a specific lock code being used:

However, as you've noticed, you can't stop the lock from unlocking. This is because the hub doesn't really get involved with that: the code is stored on the lock (possibly originally created via the hub), then the lock unlocks if the code is entered and reports that information to the hub. So you can do something in addition to unlocking, but you can't do something entirely different instead of unlocking.

This is also unrelated to Lock Code Manager, which still doesn't handle actual locks/unlocks but just provides an easy way to set users/codes on one or more locks (same thing you could do manually on the device page, just less work).

It's possible a security keypad would do what you want (I have one I've never used and have only seen people tie it in with HSM, but it's likely anything is really possible...some day I'll probably set this up just to test). Otherwise, there are also likely lots of other options (dashboard on phone, NFC tag plus some external automation like something on your phone calling a Rule endpoint, etc.)--that's just a similar one that comes to my mind.


Yes this makes sense this is what I was thinking would happen, thank you for confirming. I guess I would need to find a way to make the outside keypad be separate from the lock. Then the lock be controlled from the hub so the hub would be involved first.

I don't know if I would use this enough to put in all that work but thinking like if we want to take the bikes out and the house was locked I could go type in a code. In all reality I would have my phone or watch and could just use that. I guess maybe I should look at a keypad to mount on the trim of the garage door that I could issue commands with?

Then I could unlock the door or open the garage or turn lights on with that keypad. Just need to find something that can survive being outside in Minnesota exposed to the elements and doesn't look like trash.

I just use my phone with the Google home community integration to do things like that with voice control.

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I do this via a shortcut on my Apple Watch. I can therefore just issue a command and with it, open or close the garage door, etc.

Just need to trigger a rule with a web endpoint, then use that url in the Siri shortcut.