Smart lock for sliding doors

I'm fitting 2 large sliding doors to the front of my property as part of a refit (eg they will slide each side and meet in the middle). The frames will be aluminium, so quite 'skinny' and the latch will obviously not be the type of a normal hinged rotating door. Does anyone know of a smart lock type/configuration that would work best for this type of situation?

Googling I see a few options (including a few DIY efforts), but they generally seem specific to the door vendor. What does the current locking mechanism look like?

Thanks. Not spec'd yet and the doors will be custom made. So I'm hopeful if I can find a good approach/device at this stage then I hope to be successful. So yeah, looking for ideas and options at this time. One complication is I'm in Thailand so it can be difficult/expensive to source some options.

I keep forgetting that fact.... Does change a few of the options available at times. Couple of the more interesting options I saw were sliding door openers on rail systems that installed under the doors, and the magnetic lock options.