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Apparently Tuya has support for local control now. Would be great in HE. Even just support for the Tuya cloud would be far better than nothing.


I agree, Tuya is a massive part of home automation. I think this would make HE vastly better if it supported these devices natively. I currently have to run Home Assistant then use HE - HA to bring in the Tuya devices.


Especially the TS004F ones that speak a foreign language - 2MQTT or something.

The main premise of Hubitat is that it works without relying on the cloud. Having a cloud dependency creates many potential issues: Internet goes down, possible hacking, etc. Thus, I try to avoid cloud based devices if possible. However, I do use Amazon Alexa, which does depend on the cloud.

Tuya is now a member of the Zigbee Alliance (now Connectivity Standards Alliance). They also produce Zigbee 3.0 certified devices which should work directly with Hubitat (no cloud required). However, you need suitable drivers. I have a Tuya vibration/tilt sensor that is using a Konke motion sensor driver. Hopefully, as time goes on, more of the Tuya devices will be be supported with standard drivers.

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HE being focused on local is great for devices that can be controlled locally. For devices like Tuya that require cloud I don't see the negative in HE supporting them, instead I see it as a major positive given how much Tuya there is out there. If a particular HE customer doesn't want to use an integration that requires a cloud they can simply choose to not support it.

or if we turn it around...

If a particular HE customer wants to use an integration that requires a cloud they can simply develop it or pay someone else to.



Tuya devices don't require the cloud. Not the Zigbee ones.

Does this mean you are planning to start developing Hubitat drivers for Tuya Zigbee devices? If so, wonderful.

It means I am supporting the feature request.


Except turning it around makes no sense. HE has the financial incentive to provide the best hub with the broadest support, not the individual users. The cloud "argument" is a red herring. Hubitat threw that out the window when they decided to support Alexa.

So what we are doing here is trying to bring attention to integrations that will help make HE better.

When I linked up Home Assistant with Tuya Cloud in mere seconds I wondered why we can't do this on Hubitat. I don't want to run HA but I also don't have enough programming skill to port or otherwise implement the cloud support on HE. Of course I prefer local for as much as possible but I got stuck with a bunch of Tuya wifi devices so I'd like to control them from Hubitat via the cloud. If the cloud connection fails I promise not to hold it against Hubitat!

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You might be interested to know that some Alpha work has been started here and some of us have already got devices working. Here's the thread: [ALPHA] Basic Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited to Switches, Dimmers and Bulbs)

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Nice :slight_smile: Hopefully sometime Tuya zigbee2mqtt will be possible too!

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