Smart Life plug support

I have a few wifi Smart Life plugs that I would like to connect up with my HE. I searched the discussions here and have not found anything that seems to work, at least not for me.
Is there a simple way to communicate with wifi Smart Life plugs?
If so, is there a straight forward set of instructions?
As you may have guessed I new here and would appreciate any help you can provide.

There are probably several ways to connect these with community drivers. [BETA]TuyaHubitat - (jinvoo, smart life, tuya smart - switches only)
is one of them. I think they can also be reflashed with tasmota which is also in the community.

I have looked at that message several times. I finally decided to try it and got an error right before I made my post.
As near as I can tell, the first thing I'm supposed to do is (by the way I'm on a Windows 10 Pro PC) "npm install codetheweb/tuyapi", so I do that from a command prompt (as Admin) and get the error messages, as displayed in the following log.

I'm not sure where to go from here.

@ted You would be best to post your question in the same link above.

Will do. Thanks.

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Looks like this is a hopeless cause.
The developer last posted in July 2019, and his message said "I got rid of all my tuya devices". There have been several people posting questions since then requesting help but no one has answered them. Seems like this project is dead and not working.

Other options might be IFTTT if your devices support that. You may be able to control them that way with the Hubitat IFTTT app. I don't have these devices, so I can only guess. They may be modifiable to support alternate firmware like Tasmota.
If it were me, I would try finding a home for what you have and replacing them with a fully supported device. Ikea outlets are very inexpensive, available throughout the world and are fully supported on HE.

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Thanks. I'll look into the IFTTT and if need be look at alternative devices.

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For what it's worth, unless it's just a novel implementation and not for anything important, I would stick with devices that are officially supported with built in drivers. Otherwise you're at the mercy of someone who might choose not to continue development and support. Obviously easier to do if you're already looking to buy something new as opposed to already having a device like you have, but your time is worth something too. I would consider replacing the devices if you can.

Another option is to flash the devices with new firmware via tuya convert.
There is a fork of the tasmota firmware on community that works with HE so is 100% local control.

@greg4 I purchased these devices a couple of years ago when I was on a Wink Hub. They do work with my Alexa units now, and I recently installed Homebridge and they now work with the Home app and Siri. It's not critical but I was hoping to make them work with Hubitat. I will certainly purchase HE aware devices in the future. Thanks for your response.

@at9 I will look into that. Thanks.