Smart Humidity Fan

[app:1967])2018-06-01 16:27:30.454:infoFanSwitchHandler::Switch turned off

[app:1967])2018-06-01 16:27:30.448:infoHumidityHandler: state.AutomaticallyTurnedOn = false

[app:1967])2018-06-01 16:27:30.445:infoFanSwitchHandler: ManualOffMinutes = 20

[app:1967]2018-06-01 16:27:30.444:infoFanSwitchHandler: ManualControlMode = After Set Time

[app:1967]2018-06-01 16:27:30.443:infoFanSwitchHandler::Switch changed

[app:1967]2018-06-01 16:23:54.219:infoFanSwitchHandler::Will turn off later

[app:1967]2018-06-01 16:23:54.216:infoHumidityHandler: state.AutomaticallyTurnedOn = false

[app:1967]2018-06-01 16:23:54.210:infoFanSwitchHandler: ManualOffMinutes = 20

[app:1967]2018-06-01 16:23:54.209:infoFanSwitchHandler: ManualControlMode = After Set Time

[app:1967]2018-06-01 16:23:54.208:infoFanSwitchHandler::Switch changed

Looks consistent with what I'm seeing, if the coding such that it's ignoring the multiple responses i'm seeing in the logs?

This should be true if the humidity turned it on until the switch is turned off, that is what is bothering me...

and that variable is what makes it ignore the turn on until it is turned off manually or automatically.

Is your log showing the switch being turned off? the logs think so

[app:1967])2018-06-01 16:27:30.454:infoFanSwitchHandler::Switch turned off

I'm not at home to properly observe this. Will keep an eye on it and let you know. Thanks for all your efforts and quick replies. This app is exactly what I was looking for.

Latest test appears to be successful :wink:

Exhaust fan switch log still shows two ON responses to the apps command however the app appears to properly respond and leave the fan running (not seeing the ON/OFF cycle I saw before latest version.

I'm still a little confused as to why the logs for exhaust fan switch are showing multiple responses to the commands, but I guess as long as it doesn't confuse the app it's OK.

Even more curious is why the log is showing 4 responses to commands sent via the dashboard app (perhaps an error in that app). I'll ask in the appropriate forum.

Again, thanks for all your work on this. I'll see if I notice any response time slow downs but I'm guessing I won't since you discovered the cause.

Edit: I noticed that the response from the switch changing states (in logs) isn't registered in the device events only in the logs. It also seems to show double responses only when controlled by apps or by local dashboard access. It shows the quad response when controlled by "cloud" dashboard.

Thanks for all of your patience to help me fix everything!

If I was going to make a feature request... It would be an option to configure the percentage drop/increase in humidity before the auto-cycle begins/ends.

I’ll look into it when I have a chance. Shouldn’t be too hard.


Been busy, but sat down and added the code for setting the rate of change for turning off.

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Updated the code to turn off after it reduces to X% of the max increase.
Example, you set it to 25%, the fan turns on at 41% humidity. The humidity increases to 49%. The Fan will not turn off until it gets back to 43% or lower. You can also set a delay for how long until it turns off after it reaches that humidity.

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I have added this code but when I go to 'Apps' I don't see it there. Could someone tell me why?

Click "Load New Apps" on that apps page.

Adding the code does only that.. adds the code to the Hub. You then have to tell the Hub to Use the Code via the Load New Apps button. Built-in (Hubitat created) apps are at the top of the list, added code (custom apps) are at the bottom.

Since this app appears to be very stable and not much extra development seems to be necessary, perhaps an option to disable some of the logging might be prudent?

Not a bad idea, I might add the versioning code others are using

Only reason I mention it, is that the "past logs" will fill up pretty quick with logs from your app which would be unnecessary assuming everything is working properly?

Yes, Andy's version checking code is really nice too.

Thanks again!

Logs updated, versioning is not there... I need to find a place to host the json file.

There are 3 levels:
none. No logging will be displayed
running. minimal logging showing when the fan was turned on and off
needhelp. Full debugging

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Wow, didn't expect you to get to this so quickly! Thanks.

I had the code from another app, so it was a port, replace, and clean.

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Added versioning.

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