Smart Breakers (Zwave or Zigbee)?


Does anyone know of any Smart Breakers that are z wave or zigbee?

Thank Again

There was a post a while back about a (Chinese I think) that was possibly Zigbee. I think D-Link (Schneider Electric) has a connected breaker / panel but I don't think it is either protocol.
And Leviton has a WiFi panel.

Yes I've seen a few wifi units but never z-wave or zigbee.


I don't know why no one has made anything in ZigBee or Z-Wave. It seems like a natural but . . .

The inside of a breaker panel is not a hospitable location for rf transmitters or receivers...

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Ah, I was looking that up thanks Mike, I assumed, because it seems like such a no-brainer to go z wave or zigbee there. I do still see benefit to having these wifi though, I have made so many trips back and forth to my breaker when installing and rewiring and it would be nice to power everything (except the mains and router power :)) remotely to speed installation and testing up.

Thanks Again

With smart panels, you can usually flip the breaker off but not on. Perhaps those smart switches that fit over a regular toggle switch could be made to work???

One thing to keep in mind is that a breaker is a security device. It is supposed to cut the power, all of the power from the circuit. Any smart device needs power to communicate. That really contradicts each other. Outside of power level monitoring, I am not sure what benefit a smart breaker can bring, for sure they won't let turn on/off a circuit like a switch.

This is a really dangerous idea. There is a reason a breaker flipped. Not sure why you would want to turn it back on remotely.

I see houses on :fire:

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I can see it would be feasible with a passcode or security layer added to confirm turning them back on.

The Leviton Load Center does monitor power but also does allow you to remotely turn off a breaker. You can't turn them on remotely though.

And this makes 100% sense to me, I would just be very wary of actually flipping the switch...

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This was in response to @Quantumchaos desire to control a breaker for testing.

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