Smart Alarm Clock?

Unfortunately the trigger looks like it can only be when the alarm is stopped or snoozed. So really no way to do my idea of using the alarm to trigger lights to wake me up since I'd already have to be away to stop or snooze the alarm :frowning:

You just need a way to schedule when your lights dim up?

Yes, essentially, but easily changeable. Meaning, I get up at 6:15 when I have to work, but not when I don't.

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You could use a virtual switch to pause/resume rules. Then have a rule scheduled to start dimming your lights at a scheduled time.

Yup, but like I said... need it simple. I do what you're saying there and my wife will say "back to my iPhone alarm, throw this smart crap away" the first time it wakes her up at 6:15 on a day she wanted to sleep in. I need something that's as simple as an iPhone alarm where I just set a time, and slide a switch.

Time will be a global variable in the (near?) future. Along with a GV connector that should make it easier to schedule flexible start times using other inputs (eg. Dashboard).

Right but I don't know of an app that's going to let an HE variable trigger my Apple Watch as I said. That's why I kind of think this has to start with the phone as the trigger, not be driven by HE. Since the built in Apple App can't seem to do what I want, I'm hoping others out there have found a 3rd party app. I can't be the only one wanting a smart alarm?

You are not. I would love this too. Unfortunately it doesn't exist. And that isn't Hubitat's fault. That is a big miss by Amazon and Google IMHO.

But even bigger than that is the fact that they can't even keep the time correctly if they lose an internet connection, which makes even the Google/Insignia Alarm Clock speaker (which i have 2 of) useless as an alarm clock.

Definitely not alone. I would love a truly "Smart" alarm clock too.

Yep, this is the biggest reason I don't have one of these yet. I was looking into the Lenovo Smart Clock. I chatted with a Google rep and asked how my alarm would work if I lost internet and was told "it wouldn't".

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You can do this with Echo You can set up a routine that fires when alarm goes off and have it turn on a virtual switch that starts a RM in Hubitat. Works great.

According to the Alexa app, this only happens when the alarm is dismissed, not when it is triggered. So, that would not work for wake-up lights.

True. You have to have an alarm sound and stop it before the routine will begin. If you’re looking for pure wake up lights you can do the same and have the routine fire at a specific time. Not really as friendly as a regular alarm. But if the time is always the same every morning, it could be just set and forget

Oddly, there is an Alexa trigger in IFTTT that is started at the beginning of an alarm. Connect that to HE with a virtual switch and do what you need.


I really want something local. I doubt “the cloud was down” is going to be an acceptable excuse for being late to work.


I certainly understand that.

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I've had an idea in my head for a while:

Create a dashboard with a tile which accepts a time input. When I'm ready for bed, I'd quickly punch in the time I want to wake up in the morning in this tile. My alarm time would then set a global variable which would be used as the trigger time for my alarm app.

I haven't tried building such a setup yet.

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Problem #1...that doesn't exist. :slight_smile:

Global variables cannot be a "time" (yet).

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I have been doing this in my own way, for months. Works great.

How exactly?