Smart Air Conditioning System - MyAir by Advantage Air

Yes coding definitely messes with my head haha. That wifi code I understand a bit but writing it is a whole other thing :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, do you know if the Shelly 2.5 can do servo motors? I'd like to automate a DC motor that requires you to switch the polarity for forward and reverse. I believe this is how it operates the shades / blinds etc so thinking it would.

Someone posted on the FB group about that. I think yes but I would do a search on the FB support group.

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Oh you are right! I will definitely reach out to that guy and see what he has to say.

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I'm really surprised how much my fat head retains useless info sometimes LOL

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It appears from reading though that I was probably on the right track by using an Ardunio so that might be easier and just use ST_Anything HubDuino. I can actually use a Shelly 1 switched to 12v but I can only close the valve. Truth be told though that's not terrible either as I had planned to use it as a break glass sensor which is what it is e.g. turn off water to house when flooding is detected in zone. It then has a manual clutch you can physically pull on the device to reset it.

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I think someone ported this already.

Yeah that's what I mean't but find a sketch and library from it to suit. The other route is I actually buy the WiFi version of the water valve and maybe just maybe you could write a driver? or I pull it apart and flash the ESP8266 as it probably has one :stuck_out_tongue:

Get the Dome Water valve shutoff.. that's what i use. I don't know if that's in Oz though but I love it.

Gezz that's almost the save thing although it's $165 Australian and z-wave which I have none of. I might try and get the one I have already working with HubDuino first because if I did it would cost me about $25 plus the fun of learning servo's a bit. I could always fall back to that WiFi one and flash it with Tasmota as I am about 90% sure I could.

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Oz zwave is not the same as US/NA zwave

The biggest draw back is that one issue with OZ/NZ -- they seem to have home automation specs written by some broke down tasmanian devil asshat.

I got a friend in Perth who uses US zigbee/zwave HE hub so he can use US toys LOL

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Exactly and I need to buy Oz zwave as I have an Australia version Hub so its sitting on our frequency. Honestly that's why I have avoided zwave devices all together and just stuck to Zigbee and Wifi.

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He uses hub connect to control those devices. It does work and maybe something to think about.

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Ok off for dinner and feed the 4 legged children. Back in a hour or so.

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So I was looking at the alarm capability and it needs more coding for that to work. The current code certainly will not work in its current state.

I can add it but the driver needs to be renamed after the changes because it will not function as a switch after that. Maybe Shelly Alarm.

Ah ok fair enough. Well if you do it then call it a Shelly Alarm on your git site and also reference the blog on Smarter Home. If we need to get Doug to add a link to your site as well I am sure he would.

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@blair I just happened to play with RM tonight and saw it can send a POST command using JSON payloads. Have you seen this yet and tried it ?

If it does you could always make virtual devices to do certain commands.

Happy to help/test this one. Got a MyAir system, fairly familar with its API (had a whole bunch of automation configured with nodered

My A/C is controlled by a smart thermostat that in turn is controlled by an app I'm working on. The thermostat of course comes with its own software that's pretty good. These apps enable full control and monitoring from anywhere.

A cheaper option is a simple smart outlet. You can get those for $20-30 and that includes power logging (like a Kill-A-Watt). This would work as long as the A/C will power-on to the right setting.
You could manually control your A/C from anywhere. One heckuva lot easier and more reliable than any DIY solution.

I just finished coding @jchurch iZone drivers -- turned out really nice. All zones are thermostats and the Master Control Panel can be completely controlled via HE


@anon61068208 I seem to have issues accessing your site. My previous login did not work .