Slyvania same as iris 2?

Just double checking.

Are the Sylvania motion sensors the same as the iris 2?

@mik3. Not if the same but I have a Sylvania and they look almost the same. I haven't had any issues with the Sylvania. I would recommend one.

They are both made by the same OEM, Centralite, and are in my opinion more or less just a slightly uglier case for otherwise similar hardware. :slight_smile: Unlike Iris, these sensors are still available new (not sure if Sylvania just had a stockpile or if Centralite, which has rocky recent history, has started manufacturing them again), which may matter to some people.

In any case, I've only used one and, like above, also found it to work well--no surprise given the manufacturer.

Thanks for the input.

I have a couple extra iris units not being used from a batch I bought. One unit I have installed just decided to start dropping off. I changed battery and it worked for a day. Dropped again so I unplugged and plugged in the closes repeater, and pulled battery again.

Keeping an eye on it..

I have 5 of the Sylvania motion sensors and have had zero drops or other issues in almost 2 years. 2 of them are out in the garage and even work fine through the winter.

My thought since nothing changed or moved is either the sensor has become bad or the nearest repeater is messed up.

I should know soon.

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I have one of the Sylvania (Centralite), and just like @bertabcd1234 and @Ken_Fraleigh, no trouble with it in 2 years of ownership.

Did you put a bulb on your hub directly? Only time I ever had it drop from the network was when I was experimenting with a directly connected IKEA Trådfri bulb and half my Zigbee network went offline (the motion sensor included) until I removed it.

I bought my Sylvania sensor used with 60% charge remaining on the battery. I just replaced it last month! It continued to operate just fine, down to a 10% charge remaining.

I have only two zigbee bulbs. It's the Sylvania Bulbs. I'm told these do not act as repeaters.

Sylvania bulbs are repeaters (the only Zigbee bulb I've seen verified not is Sengled), and at least the older versions are on most people's "bad" list to boot. This could very well be the cause of your problem.

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Sorry I meant sengled.