Slowly finding my way round

Well I've had my hubitat for less than a week and everything seems to be going great.
Being a total novice to automation it's being a case of trial and error but to be honest I've found the rule setup fairly straightforward and the more I've tinkered with it the more easier I'm finding it, admittedly I've only set up basic rules of turning lights on/off in dashboard, setting lights to come on at specific times for a period of time before automatically turning off, using a motion detector to turn lights on and turn off when no motion detected, having Sonos tell me when lights either turn on/off or motion detected.
Like I say nothing too fancy but I'm waiting for a few switches and power plugs to arrive so I can keep learning.

Just want to say I was a little apprehensive about setting up rules etc and had visions of me just unplugging it and throwing it in a cupboard but Its beens lot easier and straight forward than I thought it would be and searching the community pages and members have been an absolute godsend but obviously I've a lot more to learn.


Welcome to the other side, sorry you will have to get a second job to pay for all this stuff, one thing I can say is when possible, get good sensors, switches etc. They will keep you happy for longer and frustrate you a lot less than getting cheap stuff. Better to grow slow than fast and regret buying a certain part that will not be great on the long run.

And second thing to keep in mind is WAF, always WAF unless you have one like mind that loves this automation stuff (at least until she finds out how much I payed for all of it).


Unfortunately her knowledge of technology is not something she would shout about, let's put it this way she asks me to setup her android phone and install the automatic updates (yes you read that correctly ..... automatic)

I only bought a couple of sonoff sensors and a couple of reasonable priced bulbs to start with because I didn't want to pay out big money at first only to find I hated the system or struggled to understand it.
I thought I might have had a few problems with the cheap stuff I bought but I've had no issues.....yet

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Sounds like you've made some really good progress - welcome!

Thanks actually enjoying the process of trial and error.

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Make sure that you make and download backups.

Yes I've been doing that regularly each time I change something

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