Slowdown & log duplicate records correlation?

I'm slowly moving my automation from ST to HE. As I expected my automation's have been more responsive in general since there is no web communications piece. So when I walk down my steps the step light comes on a little quicker that it did with ST.

So since I had success with moving my basement over I decided to start on my main floor level which had an automation that was obviously laggy in ST, which is my hall light to turn on when there was motion in the hallway. I included the 3 devices (2 Z-Wave and 1 Zigbee) into the HE system and the controls seemed to work. But when I created the rule to turn the light on on motion and I tested it, the light came on even slower than when it was integrated into ST's. I was so disappointed.

So I started looking at the logs and found something very interesting. All of my devices all of the sudden showed multiple records saying the same thing in the log file. What I mean by that is I see a log record for a device that says "Hall Light was turned off", but I see it 3 times with different log times. When I looked closer every device on my network showed multiple entries like this.

So I waited a while very disappointed in how things were working and I decided to capture this information shown in the log file so I could post it on this forum to try to understand why that would happen. So I went back to the log all of the sudden I found this wasn't happening anymore. Then I tested the reaction in my hallway and it was better. So I made an assumption, that may or mat not be correct, that what I was seeing in the log was indeed the reason for the delay. What I don't understand is why that happened. Did it have something to do with the mesh wasn't completely setup yet with the new devices or something else?

It's working okay now, so I have no issue, but would really love to understand in case I see this again as I migrate more things over. I think I'm gong to let it run like this for a while to get a feel for how it runs day to day when new items are not being added often.

Any thoughts?


I have been noticing this lately as well. I will see rules fire and the log will show sometimes up to 50 logs for the same device all within milliseconds of each other. Not sure what is happening but it obviously slows down the rule execution.

Anybody else seeing this?

Is it possible you had debug logging enabled. It has been a while since I added a new device so can't remember if debug logging is turned on when a new device is added. Debug logging is automatically disabled after 30 minutes.

Thanks - I will check for that. I did notice re-booting the hub seemed to clear the problem...