Slow Rules?

I use rules, for two reasons - cancel on truth change and because there are multiple things that I want to trigger the rule, not just one trigger. I have motion, and lux level for starters. I dont want the lights to turn on simply with movement, but with darkness as well. And if there is already movement, and the lux level drops, then the rule would fire. (I guess technically, this could be done with a triggered rule too).

So I ran all those test from above and yeah.. it's my sensors. I was planning on replacing them anyway, so I guess I'll get on that.


I mostly use rules. A few triggers in rare circumstances where I always want the light to turn off after a set duration like when my garage door opens.

I have had some issues with slow rules also. Trying all the suggestions to figure it out.

If I have some special app code installed but don't actually have the app installed. That shouldn't affect anything will it? Or do I need to delete the app code also?

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