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I have several Lutron Picos that control Sengled color lights. Sometimes, but not always, I have to press the Pico twice to get it to work. All of the Picos are less than 30โ€™ from the Hub.

If I control the Sengled light directly from the device page it always works correctly.

Does anyone else have a Pico that has to be pressed twice to respond? Is there a fix?

I posted yesterday about odd issues with my main hub - yes I am having similar issues with pico and sengled bulbs as well. Its almost like they are too fast.

The only time my Pico remotes are 'slow to respond' is directly after a hub restart. This is a know behavior which has been documented in the forum previously. After that one slow response, all of the picos respond quickly, and with just a single press for me.

Which App are you using to with the Picos? Have you inspected the Live Logs (Past Logs) to see if noth Pico presses were seen by the hub? If so, then the issue may a logic issue be within your automation/rule.

I use @stephack's awesome ABC App for all of my Picos.

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At first I thought there was a problem with my Zigbee network, but now I realize there is a problem with how Sengled bulbs respond to commands. At times, but not always, the bulbs turn on first, then the level is set, and sometimes the level command is ignored.

I have prestaging turned on for my Sengled bulbs, maybe that is causing the wonky behavior.

Which Hubitat driver are you using for your Sengled bulbs?

For my Sengled soft white, dimmable bulbs I have found the Generic Zigbee Bulb driver to work well.

For my Sengled Color bulbs, I use the Sengled Element Color Plus driver. I do not use prestaging on these.

Sengled Element Color Plus. That's the Hubitat driver for Sengled.

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I do not have prestaging on - it's very strange in my case. Switching using HubConnect and Alexa (on my control hub) seems fast. Switching with Pico on my main hub displays behaviors you mentioned, switching with Pico on my controller hub and HubConnect better - more reliable and a bit faster - 2 seconds instead of 7-10.

I should note that there are hub slowness issues on my main hub that I have not resolved yet. Am slowly trying to work those out. Maybe there is a "misbehaving" device on the system dunno. I do have an Aeotec Dual Nano switch (ZW+) that seems very slow and power reporting spammy as well. Going to replace that one soon I think,

I guess I am not convinced of the value of the recessed bulbs - too many switch and dimmer complications it seems. Is cool (in a useless sort of way) to change the color of the entire room by a single voice command though..

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