Slow hub

I am not the original author of the lifx driver but I did port it over. When it was first ported, there was no async http calls available, so I converted it to sync calls and changes a few other items that were not compatible with HE. Since then, async and other features were added. I plan to release an updated version soon.

That said, I have been using the older async version for quite some time and never had any issues with delays. While I dont expect the updated version to solve your slowness, I dont think it will hurt.

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It would be nice if live logging would constantly filter only search words. Currently the search stops once you stop typing. I only want to see errors not a ton of good logs to sift through.

But how can users (the non developers) pin point what app is causing the problems in the hub and get in touch with the right developer? I'm using a few different user developed apps, so i'm wondering which ones have problems. If I knew which one I could easily then get in touch with the right developer instead of messaging support.



Had a problem like this this morning. Everything fine last night woke up to no lights/nothing on. Went to log into hub and just got error 500 on every page I tried to go to. Last resort unplugged hub. Hub rebooted as if nothing had ever been installed. No devices no apps. I then restored from backup 1 day ago. Hub is back and running. First want to know if I did the right steps. Second, could you please look at my hub and see what might have caused it. Looking at logs now and I'm not seeing large volumes of errors (other than typical debug stuff).