Slow hub again :-(


Mine locked up again just now. No influxbd running. No time to troubleshoot this every week anymore. I think I will reboot the hub weekly. Sad that there isn't much we can do other than disable apps and waiting a week or two for results that might or might not be conclusive.


I believe at some point HE will need to either address this if they find it can be addressable or it will need to consider implement a driver/app usage graph or table. It's just not feasible on the long run users trying to guess by trial and error wich app or driver is causing the issue.
Disabling an app that's causing an issue is one thing, another completely different is disabling by trial and error impacting automations and reliability.
This is an HA automation system as such any troubleshooting techniques by guessing defies the all purpose of the system as the system becomes unable to be an automation system.


Similar issues for me as well. Obviously the slowness/ lag is still no way near as bad as it was with ST sometimes- but now that I have migrated all of my devices over and rewritten all of my rules in RM, it’s sometimes super snappy but also sometimes very laggy


Maybe a solution would be for HE to implement kind of speedometers, one for z-wave, one for zigbee and one for the LAN, that would show you activity and volume/rate of traffic. In normal operation, you would expect to see each one blip occasionally as packets get thrown and caught by the radios and LAN port. If one of the meshes or the LAN is getting flooded with packets, this would show up right away on the speedometers. Even just a single activity "LED" indicator on the GUI, one for each network, would be great.