Slow down a bit guys

After praising the team yesterday I seem to have jinxed you! Can I suggest you all slow down a bit? You are obviously all working like crazy to improve HE, but 3 new firmware releases in as many days with 2 of them emergency bug fixes isn't good for users.

We're on luck 13! What could go wrong?

If I might add, It's refreshing to have users heard, problems acknowledged, and fixes applied in a timely manner. Never have I regretted my choice!


I totally agree about the responsiveness and enthusiasm, it's just sometimes more haste less speed can be the best policy.

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Well, also, sometimes no matter how much you test, bugs are found in the wild and we want to fix them ASAP.

Of course, if you aren't effected by these hotfixes or just don't want to update, you don't have to.

We try to explain what we are fixing as best as we can so you can choose to update if you need to (or want to). It sure beats, "misc bug fixes" :slight_smile:


You're in control of when you upgrade your hub's firmware. Why not just wait a couple days to see if any bugs are reported? They're pretty fast with hotfixes, and the community is pretty good about catching bugs, so this seems like a better option to me if it's that important to you. Updates aren't forced on you like certain other platforms. :slight_smile:

That being said, I have zero self-control and usually update immediately myself. I keep telling myself that one of these days (maybe when new releases don't have exciting new features I want) I'll also take this advice, but I've been lucky that none of the reported bugs have affected my use of the hub.


Curious why you say this. In what way is it not good for you? For others? Our hotfix releases are almost always in response to a specific reported bug.

We generally make releases every couple of weeks. There are a lot of moving parts in a new release, and we are just human and miss small things sometimes or make mistakes. So, out of courtesy to users who run into a bug, we can sometimes push out a hotfix with little effort. These typically (but not always), entail tiny changes to correct something.

Please contrast that to one of our large competitor's approach: report a bug, even proving that it's a bug, get an acknowledgement, and then wait for months or forever for a fix. In the meantime what do you do? You can guess who I'm referring to.

Which method do you prefer?


I'm not having a go, and I have already posted how impressed I am with HE and the team. I think that, like most users, I alway like to be on the latest firmware, and I just thought 3 days on the trot of updating was a bit much. But I 100% take your point about your responsiveness to bugs compared to competitors and much prefer your approach. I am probably just miffed because one of the recent updates shrunk my lovely dashboard icon images in the wash!

Well, there you go! Hotfix for you!! :sunglasses:


If you don't like what an update does to your setup, just restore a prior backup. You couldn't do that on that other platform!

Keep up the good work, HE Team. I'm impressed.


Just my 2ยข but it seems the recent hotfixes were more like tweaks of the dashboard look. I believe the majority of the 1.1.1 enhancements were solid and a lot more substantial than the dashboard changes.

I personally believe the HE staff must be careful of listening too much to the forum requests. They could easily be distracted from their main path.


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Another welcome change compared to SmartThings (there, I said it :speak_no_evil:) is that one can choose not to apply the firmware update in the first place, wait a few days to see whether any new bugs are reported that warrant additional hotfixes, etc.

I have no complaints about the way updates are handled here.


Completely agree! I usually wait at least a day after a new release, to let other people get the bugs worked out :wink:

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If only I had your patience. I'm more like @bertabcd1234. The "new firmware available" notice is like a Big Red Blinking Button. If I see it, I must push it. Be damned the consequences.


Well, well, well: I can still find something to blame Hubitat for... It's damn addictive so much it works well! :smiley: