Sliding gate with fgs-224

Hi ,
I use an fgs224 module to control my came Bxv sliding gate , and I use the custom driver for fgs224. The problem is that it is only recognized as a switch in Hubitat and HomeKit integration. How to make it appear as a sliding gate in HomeKit , is there another driver usable?

FGS-224 is a double relay switch. Not sure what is your need. It is a relay, thus can be either Open or Close.

I don’t think you’ll be able to get any device to show up as a gate or door opener with the HomeKit integration.

Apple restricts what kind of devices can be integrated through a certified HomeKit bridge, and Hubitat is in the midst of the certification process with Apple.

Devices like locks and door openers are on that restricted list.

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You are right that’s why I changed to iSmartgate which is HomeKit and now I can see my sliding gate appear as so in HomeKit .