SleepIQ (Sleep Number)


Like the others, my bed has an adjustable base. However, I am certain that presence is a feature of the mattress and not the base.

If your bed doesn't have an adjustable base, you are better off using the other (older) SleepIQ integration that is also posted in this thread. If you can't find it, let me know, and I will PM the files to you.

Here you go - try this app and driver:

Thanks @aaiyar as I still use the old one and it still work great for me.

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Came across some API info I thought you might be interested in.
This was written for homebridge but gives some insight into other features that could be added such as foot actuation side table lights, and massage.

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Interesting, thanks for sharing @lewis.heidrick. I don't recall seeing massage or side table lights when we bought ours :slight_smile: I don't see an option to toggle the foot heaters which is the one thing I'd like to have... if you come across that let us know.

How are the heaters connected to the bed? do they plug into the pump under the bed or are they hard wired?

It looks like something he is working on to get the heaters working..

Issues/Future Work

  • Foundation settings (If you have a flexfit foundation, please reach out to help, I need data from all the different bases):
    • Verify different configurations (split head/split foot, split head/single foot, single head/single foot)
    • Set up outlets for all bases that have them
    • Set up foot heater for flexfit 3
    • ?
  • Allow for different refresh times based on the time of day
  • Verify everything still works will twin/full beds (If anybody has one, contact me)
  • Fix support for multiple beds (Does anybody have multiple beds?)
  • File a ticket or submit a pull request if you find any problems!

I think they plug into the pump but the wires disappear into the mattress directly so I haven't chased where they end up.

Good to see he's hoping to add it; I'll reach out and see if more info is still needed.

@rvrolyk Those might just be the bedside light switches then. Is there a temperature setting or is it just on off?

On my bed I have led strip lights wired to the dc outputs and the back/foot massagers are wired in through the thick plug that actuates the bed. I'm guessing those are AC powered. If yours are actual plugs that plug into the outlets on each side of the pump you could probably control those by activating the light throught the api. For my led lights I leave them on on the bed and I added an inline motion sensor under the bed that activates and turns them on when it see's me stumbling in the dark.

Our foundation has nightlights that turn on when we get up (based on the pressure sensors) and they have brightness settings in the app (along w/ just disabling them).

I took a brief glance at the requests the app sends for footwarming and it looks like the API is a PUT at: /rest/bed/<bed id>/foundation/footwarming with the json body being:

  "footWarmingTempRight": <temp>,
  "footWarmingTimerRight": <time in minutes>,

where timer is 30m,1h,2h,3h,4h,5h,6h (in minutes)
and temp is
off: 0, low: 31, medium: 57, high: 72
and of course there's Right and Left.

To view the data, you issue a GET to the same endpoint and the response is the JSON you'd PUT.

I might actually be able to use this once it's cold again so one of these days I'll see if I can get some time to add this to the Sleep Number Manager app. If/when I do, I'll repost here.

I think my wife would kill me if I turned on the lights when I got out of bed. I do use the pressure sensors to disable my alarm though when I wake up. I also use them to start my truck in the morning during the winter.

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Can I ask what pressure sensor are you talking about? I look at the sleep app and I'm may be missing missing something or the pressure sensor? Maybe my bed doesn't have the pressure sensors? Is there a way to check?

@leeonestop You can check in the mobile app if you see where it monitors your sleep activity. If it can tell when you get out of bed you have the pressure sensor. To utilize the pressure sensor there is another app to install to use it call Sleep Number Manager. Maybe at some point they will integrate the two.

@lewis.heidrick thanks for the reply and I look on the play store for that Sleep Number Manager but can't find it? do you have a link.

The app on the app store is called SleepIQ.

Sleep Number Manager is the Hubitat app that @aaiyar ported for me up further in this post.

Ok got that thanks.

Any chance of getting an option in device preference to turn off the logging?

I've created a new combined app/driver for Sleep Number presence and control (and added the ability to enable/disable logging). I created a new post about it to keep this one focused on the original code.

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