Sleepace sleeping monitor with live status update - Any experience?

Hey there,

on my ongoing journey to find a sleep tracker with live updates, I've stumbled across something new, Sleepace. The company is based in Shenzen and is producing several sleep trackers and smart devices. What caught my attention is the live update of your sleep status and their claim, that you can control your devices while asleep.

Check here:

and here as an example:

Looks interesting to me, and I was hoping, that anyone already has any experience with those devices.

I like the intention of what they're trying to do, but pretty much everything I've found on their products dates back about 6 years.... not a good sign.

Probably yes, but it could be a good base to make your own stuff. Maybe flashing it with Tasmota, write your own rules and there you go. At least that's what I was hoping for.

The idea of sleep as a trigger isn't even that new. Samsung had the Sleepsense for ST. I wonder what happend to this thing. I couldn't find much information on it...