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We have three ac unit's. One is mostly just the server equipment. One for the main spaces, and another for the bedrooms. Wish I had one in the attic so I could cool it up there when I'm pulling cables or adding electrical circuits.

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$430 electric bill 4276 kwh. The winter isn't as bad though. Maybe half as much.


Wow! My annual electric bill is about twice that, and I consume 9000-10000 kWh/yr.

When I lived in CA my electric bill was really high compared to my usage, but in Texas electricity is pretty cheap. The AC units and servers use most of the electricity. The rest of the stuff in the house is just noise by comparison.

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For me, it is my AC (heat pump). Also, my consumption is so low because my house and household are small.

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@lewis.heidrick if you ease up on the A/C a bit for your servers you could save some money, and could put a pan on that M1000e or C7000 to cook your eggs. :grin: But seriously, the Texas electricity rate ARE some of the lowest in the nation. I run a 15k Sq. Ft. data center and our monthly bill is only ~$40k/month. (We are running about 1/4 of capacity.) In other states that could $60k+.

Btw, I have AT&T fiber and it is amazingly fast. I see similar performance to what you are getting.