Site is under extreme load

Got a message saying that the site is under extreme load and search was disabled. Just FYI. Probably making things worse... I'll go away now.




I am occasionally seeing that message when my internet connection is slow and it takes too long to load the page. :slight_smile: There are no performance issues with the community server, currently.


Internet is fine here...


Houston, we have a problem, you should get a speeding ticket for those numbers!


I actually have two 1 gig connections but the other is a backup. I also have a 4gLTE hotspot as a backup to my backup.


Something's wrong with those numbers.. a 13ms ping should result in <100mbit

Gig should be ~1 ms

I have 9 cameras streaming to the google overlord so he doesn't smite me. Along with 5 kids and a wife streaming netflix atm. Well 4 netflix streams. The twins are watching the same tv in their bedroom. Also VPN'ed into work and on a conference call with some Shell muckety mucks.


You need a data center at home. That's some crazy speed/setup you have at home.

That's not the half of it or even what's coming once wifi 6e comes out. I have a development lab with 12 exsi 7.0 server blades and a 100 tb fc storage array.


I've been struggling for the last month to get any internet at all in Thailand! Its like going back 30 yrs sometimes here. Then suddenly it works again for a few hours at 300Mb and everything is rosy. Now I've decided to have 2 separate suppliers provide to one property because they are individually so pathetic.

I have AT&T fiber also and I love it. Measured from my router:

3ms ping is the fastest I’ve ever seen.

I see 1ms occasionally if I turn some stuff off. Usually around 3 or 4ms from the modem though under normal load.

Speeds only an aussie could dream of!

Perhaps we could host the community at @lewis.heidrick 's? :grin:

No issues accessing the community from my end btw

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I hope mama Shell is paying for some of that. Lol

Although, I work for one of Shell's competitors and I know for a fact we would never pay for someone's home lab. We are very much an @$$-in-seat-at-work company.

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I am not as productive when I'm working from home. Especially with the new C7 sitting on my desk ...


I got that message once yesterday when I tried a search. I just tried again and it worked the second time.

I make enough to buy my own lab equipment

What does your electric bill look like each month? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just keeping that all cool has to be a fairly heavy load on your home's HVAC system.

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