Siren Tile on Dashboards?

Hello All,

Can you add a Siren Tile to the Dashboards, I did not see that as an option.

Thank You

I think you want hsm

For now if you want the status of alarm, you can use the attribute tile template, it will at least show the current value for that state attribute.

Assuming the driver you are using has this capability, it should expose the state of alarm with the following values: ["strobe", "off", "both", "siren"]

I'll add the request to have a siren template to the feature request list.


I use the switch template... Basically its a switch. In fact, when HSM acts up, I sometimes have to go to that tile and manually turn the siren off... But thats another story...

The switch allows you to turn it on or off for testing as well...

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Thanks, the switch option actually works great.

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