Sinope Thermostats with Thermostat Controller app


I have a couple of Sinope Zigbee Thermostats that I would like to use with the Thermostat Controller app but they seem to not want to work. I had the Thermostat Controller app working with a couple of virtual thermostats to control Mysa Thermostats so I know I can successfully get it working on my Hubitat but for some reason my Sinope Thermostats fail and error. Here is a screenshot of the error the app gives me when I try to adjust the Thermostat section of the app:

I can click "Ok" on this and it takes me back to the app, which makes it appear that it is configured properly, but the app does not do anything with the thermostats. If I try to go back into the Thermostat section of the app, that same error message is displayed. This is also showing in the Logs:

App 867 is the new Thermostat Controller app I am trying to put into place.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

I ended up getting this on my own. I had to mess around with the thermostat to get the heating mode to report and then the error when away.

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