Sinope TH1124ZB

I've solved the mystery of some devices showing OUT while others do not.

Now the next mystery is how to do a firmware update on these :slight_smile:


So the older firmware doesn’t show “Out” where the newer firmware? (I assume it isn’t related to the Hardware version...?).

Curious how you got this information...

I know there is an awesome zwave firmware updater available for Hubitat, but haven’t heard of a Zigbee version... Maybe @bcopeland would know if one exists?

Correct. All that show "Out" are on firmware version 1573, those that don't are on 1723. I connected them to Zigbee2MQTT which supports OTA firmware updates for zigbee but there's no update showing available. So my next step will be to contact Sinope. I have a suspicion they will likely say firmware updates are only available through 'Neviweb which would require a GT130 gateway, that's assuming they're made available at all. I do hope so as I bought all 15 of mine direct and at the same time and clearly received some older models mixed in with newer ones.


I’ll be curious to find out if it works out! I lucked out. Purchased on Amazon and have had no issues. I didn’t realize they could be purchased directly from the manufacturer...

Any luck contacting Sinope?

1st e-mail to support
2nd e-mail to support and administrative assistant
3rd e-mail to support, administrative assistant, sales and manager

No response from anybody. I'm actually extremely disappointed in their level of service, or I should say lack of. The next step will be posting on various social media platforms, google reviews, costco reviews, amazon reviews, etc.. regarding their lack of response.

I know how you fell, asked them a few questions via email and never got a response back from them either, I love there thermostats and the load controller but just hoping I never need help from them. Very disappointed also, I know from one of the monthly videos Hubitat was doing in the past that they sent products to Hubitat so they would support them, but when came time for more more info from Sinope, they hit a wall big time.

These are the same people that started Aube with very nice thermostats also at the time and sold the company to Honeywell, waited a few years and started Sinope, I guess they will sell that in a few, hopefully to a company with better customer support :frowning:

Hi @kris2k2, great work on this driver! I wanted to ask - would it work with a TH1300ZB (the floor heating model)? I just bought one because the site said it worked with Hubitat and now I just found these forms where it looks like Sinope hasn't provided Mike with all of their docs but that you circumvented and got your thermostats working anyway. The biggest issue is mine has the clock set but it's in 24 hour time instead of 12 hour time. This is the code needed to change the option, but it doesn't look like Hubitat shares native drivers and I have no clue how to make my own. If you could help, I'm more than happy to send some beer money your way! Thanks!

if(TimeFormatParam == "12h AM/PM"){//12h AM/PM
traceEvent(settings.logFilter,"Set to 12h AM/PM",settings.trace)
cmds += zigbee.writeAttribute(0xFF01, 0x0114, 0x30, 0x0001)
traceEvent(settings.logFilter,"Set to 24h",settings.trace)
cmds += zigbee.writeAttribute(0xFF01, 0x0114, 0x30, 0x0000)

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Great question!

If we look here:

You can probably use my driver as starting point, and all you have to do is review the zigbee commands being sent/received to see if there are any discrepancies to cover basic thermostat control.

Once you got that working, then you can look to see how to integrate the additional features that my driver does not provide :slight_smile:

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@kris2k2, Thanks! Whew, if I were only smart enough to make that happen. I might try your driver as-is and see if it works. Besides that, I'd be way, way, outside of my comfort zone. I'm hopeful that Mike will simply add these few lines to the native driver. I'd love to also have outside temp, but I don't want to ask for too much - ha! If you do decide to take a stab at it, I'm more than happy to pay.

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Got a call from support @ Sinope today. The firmware can be updated, but only through the GT130 hub. The hub is only about $80 so that's not a big deal. It's just a bit of a pain to pair everything to the GT130 so it can do the update and then pair them back.

I've got 3 more on the way to do the last ones in the house, bringing my total to 18. I'll see what firmware these 3 are on and then decide if I really want to go through the hassle of updating.

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Keep us posted!

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@haganwalker, I am familiar with Kris2k2's driver. If Kris is not available, maybe I can give you an hand. Do you only need to have the time on the thermostat to be 12 AM/PM? Everything else is working?

Thanks so much! Yes, the 12H time is the biggest issue, but I would also love to have the outside temp functionality as well on the TH1300ZB. I already have a zigbee device outside that gets temp, but it sounds like Kris's driver might not support the TH1300ZB, or perhaps simply hasn't been tested with it.

@haganwalker, Kris' driver was missing a couple things for the TH1300. I have found Sinope's driver for SmartThing and I added what I thought might be needed. I started from the driver I branched out from Kris and added the missing parts.

You can give it a go by copying the driver here :

Please note that I don't own this thermostat, therefore I didn't test this new driver. However I am willing to make adjustment based on you tests.


Thank You @erilaj. I have 5 thermostats coming next week and this will definitely help. Nice timing!

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@erilaj, thanks so much! I'm traveling until Sunday but will be sure to give this a go as soon as I return. In other news, I just got a call from Sinope. The person I spoke with was a bit hard to understand, but was very kind. I explained that it's my understanding that the temperature and 12/24H addresses were missing from their zigbee functionality, which is why @mike.maxwell didn't integrate them. He told me that the documentation was updated and that he was currently looking over it and would tell the programmer to reach out to Mike. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an email address to pass on - but hopefully something comes from that.

Thanks again Eric, I'll follow up in a few days!

No problem, happy to help!
Regarding that Sinope call, that's good news! Hopefully those functionalities will be integrated into the official Habitat driver. It will make it much simpler for everybody.

Hi @erilaj, I just had a chance to try this out. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing any changes. I do see the new configuration settings, I changed to 12h, clicked save, then config and refresh for the unit but nothing changed. Just to make sure the hub was communicating with the thermostat, I clicked "display off" and the display immediately turned off. So, it looks like there's probably just a tiny bug somewhere. I also tried the outdoor temp configuration setting, but I honestly don't know how that one works. I'm guessing I have to pass a variable somehow to the thermostat. Either way, that one didn't make a change to the display either. It currently just shows the setpoint of the thermostat. Hoping this is a simple "missing comma" bug :slight_smile: . I certainly do appreciate the help! It looks like this is very close!

@haganwalker, can you update to the latest version of the driver. I fixed something when logging is turned ON. After that, can you turn logging ON and see if you get an entry after hitting the Configure button that says "Set to 12h AM/PM" ?

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