Sinope TH1124ZB

I should rewrite the description (mistake on my side) since I've tested this driver on the outlet version which on the sinope website is the SP2600ZB while the switch is the SW2500ZB. If you have the the outlet, this driver should work. If you have the switch, not the dimmer, this driver should work also I believe.

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It is now included in the HPM. Thus, if for any reasons, I bring new update to those drivers, the update will be easy to install!
I will, in the coming weeks, open a new thread for those drivers :smiley:


Just a note, the clock does not show on the TH1300 (Don't think the thermostat supports it)...Other than that working great!

I'm sure the thermostat support it, maybe the driver is sending the current time in a format that the thermostats does not understand. I was having a similar problem when developing the driver for the TH1400ZB and now it is solve. I've change last week the code in the TH1300ZB according the to TH1400ZB, I believed that if you take the up-to-date version, it should works.

I have the clock showing on mine, with the driver @samuel.c.auclair posted. I first set mine up with the built-in driver. Maybe try that, then switch to the community driver? Check your firmware version is up-to-date as well. I'm not sure if mine is at the latest, but it's working.

Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 12.41.16 PM

Mine looks a little behind.


I have the TH1300, TH1400, TH1123 and TH1124. They all work fine with Outside Temp. and Clock

I just noticed that on the TH1300, the outside temp doesn't show in the Current States section, all other types show this.

the TH1300 can take the temp through the send text notification. I've tested that and it seems to work. Just need to set a rule to take the temp from my outdoor sensor and send it to that

I'm not saying it doesn't work, it does work. I'm just pointing out that the outside temp doesn't show in the Current States section (for trouble shooting purposes, it's nice to see all values available to the thermostat). The thermostat works fine and displays correctly.

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Yes, i'm not consistent between the driver, the erilaj driver have the attribute outsideTemp, thus when sending a notification to the thermostat, an event is log and then show in the attribute section. When writing a new driver, I've kept this feature but did not add it to others driver.

I will make this small change later in the day to give this feature to all the thermostat drivers as, I agree, it can be nice when debugging a RM.

Excellent, thank you. Just started using your two drivers now for the SP2610ZB and TH1300ZB.

One more question for you, I've update the Electric Cost per Kwh in cent as full integer numbers per the example (e.g. 10.12 cents).

What format are Costs v.s. Daily costs? Trying to figure out the right way to read and calculate these.

Daily cost is current cost from 0:00 while cost is the cost based on the energy value retrieved, which should be near to the overall cost of heating of this equipment since it is wired. I've mentioned should be near, because for some odd reasons, this value sometimes get smaller than the precedent retrieved value. This is why in the state variables, I have implemented the offsetEnergy, thus this value cannot get smaller.

sorry, I'm a bit slow this morning, not enough :coffee: :).
So the Daily, Weekly, Monthy, Yearly are aggregate costs from usage, while "cost" is a projected cost based on Energy?

In the example above, since today is my first day, trying to figure out if it means my coffee pot has estimated cost me 0.02 (2 cents) or $3.37 dollars so far on Day 1.

Does that make sense? That doesn't seem right so my hypothesis says the "cost" is in cents and the Daily, weekly, etc, is in Dollars. Hence asking. I'm probably totally wrong here.

Daily energy and daily cost are reset to 0 on daily basis, weekly energy and weekly cost are reset to 0 on weekly basis and so on, while the energy and cost are just never reset. The weekly, monthly and yearly are probably equal for you since the point of reference in time are probably all the same, which is the moment that the driver was loaded for the first time.

All cost variables are evaluated based on the energy reading and the cost of energy set in the preference. All the cost variables are on $.

The value of energy are not near 0 because although the generic driver does not give this value, this a value is available from the thermostat itself. The thermostat also auto report this value. This new driver is able to interpret this value.

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I can't seem to get the display on my Sinopes to show their heating set point after this rule turns them off and then back on again.

Two nights ago my wife opened her window, so all the heat in the house was turned off. Once the window was closed, the T-stats presumably returned to their normal operation, we didn't freeze over the next two days, and I can see them coming on/off in the logs. However the setpoint on the displays continue to show "Off".

And on my dashboard, if I manually raise the setpoint, it does and the t-stat responds, but the tile does not change to red to show heating.

It does seems odds that your thermostat does not get on heating mode (at least on your tile) when you are increasing the set point. Which driver are you using?

Concerning your first point, if you are talking about the set point being shown on the physical thermostat, those thermostats show the temperature reading and not the set point. So that does not seems to be a problem, at least the way that I'm understanding your concern.

I'm using the TH112xZB Sinope Thermostat EnergyMerter V3 driver.

On the physical thermostat itself, it usually reads (from top to bottom)
Current Room Temp

It's the Setpoint that gets stuck showing "Off" after that rule turns them off, even when they've gone through several setpoint changes.

Ok I completely forgot about that since I'm always showing the outside temperature.

Try to install the most updated version of the driver through HPM (Hubitat package manager) or take the code of this link:

From HPM with keywords search, search for Sinope.

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