Sinope TH1124ZB

To answer my own question, I changed the "Reset interval for the energy tracking" from daily to weekly, save it then back to daily and saved it again. Then the power started showing up on my dashboard. I had switched from the other driver and had never changed or saved any settings with the new one, so I guess it didn't have any values. Great work on the driver folks. A belated thanks.

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Did you manage to log your consumption ? I looked and found nothing.
Is there an app I need to do that ?

I think the widget I'm using is showing the power based on the current duty cycle of the heater. The number is displayed is the last number reported in the log by the power. I also see an energy number in the log that seems to count up. I'm guessing this resets at one point. I don't know how to plot this data though. Maybe there is a widget for that.

Hi @samuel.c.auclair ,
I could use your help, I just bough Hubitat Elevation and I have Sinopé thermostat. Trying to do what you said and I have trouble making it works. Can you help me ?

we can communicate in french if needed, i'm having error while doing the notification to the thermostat with your outdoortemp apps. Let me know if you can help and I'll send the error log.


@redsnake_1, Can you share what you have tried? Some information that could help us help you includes:

Is your Sinopé Thermostat the Zigbee or Wifi version?

Assuming the Zigbee version, did it pair correctly to the hub?

Have you had any issues loading the driver to Hubitat and assigning it to the device?

Are you using Rule Machine to send the temperature value to the thermostat? Can you share your rule if that is the case? A screenshot is preferred, but it will take a few posts before you can share those, unless @bobbyD is available to remove that restriction earlier.

Also, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Hi Sebastien,

I got help from Samuel in a private message. I had a problem with my rule machine

thanks for your help

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Hi all,

With the heating seasons almost finish (maybe already finish for some of you). I was having fun by updating the driver on my side this winter. By making some tests, I've realized that the thermostats already have a built-in energy meter, so the energy value do not need to be calculated at the hub level. By doing so, the power value does not need to be read very often to have a good precision on the energy. This considerable reduce the load for the hub if you have several of those thermostats.

Moreover, I've put some (I believe) enhancement in the driver. I was having (but rarely) some thermostats that was not receiving the setpoint. Now, as long the hub does not receive a feedback from the thermostat when changing the setpoint, the setpoint is resend every 30 seconds. Since this implementation, all my thermostats follow perfectly my schedule/commands.
Moreover, I've programmed a slight delay (2 sec) on the setpoint. This make the dashboard tile respond much better.

This new driver can be found here:

Take time to read the Readme regarding this driver :slight_smile: :


Does this support the TH1300ZB? Or do I stick with @erilaj 's driver? (Which I only just literally discovered 5 mins ago lol)

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No, it does not support the TH1300ZB, but I could maybe make a new driver for this one and test it with you to see if it works correctly since I don't have this device. I don't think it will be too difficult to implement if I have someone to test it.


Let me know, I'll be glad to do it!

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You should put this in HPM, makes it easier to update :stuck_out_tongue:


I will look into it.


I have 6 TH1400,

I you make it work for a TH1300, could this also work for the TH1400 ?

Thanks !

Th1400ZB is low voltage, maybe the TH1300 will works, but the energy meter will probably give no value (I believe, but may worth a try. If it gives a value, it will probably need to be multiplied by the load of the equipment control by thermostat).

Once finished with the th1300, I will contact you to tried to develop one. I'm not super fast since only on free time.

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You are right Samuel, The TH1400 is low voltage so it can't get consumption reports. I was thinking more in line with getting the advanced features like displaying outside temperature and clock.

Unfortunately, the native Hubitat drivers only support the basic features of these thermostats.

If you can get it to work that would be great :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a shout out to all that have contributed to these drivers up to the point where @samuel.c.auclair has made his contributions. This is really excellent. Just added a Sinope TH1124ZB and a TH1300ZB yesterday, and expecting three TH1123ZB tomorrow. So nice to have these additional capabilities over the stock driver. Thank you so much for your efforts!


Anyone know if the SP2600ZB driver would work with the SP2610ZB which is the Outlet version?

Hope it's a good sale since winter is on the way out. Heard you guys getting -20c today though.

I moved to BC. It's 10c here today. :smiley:

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:exploding_head: Welcome to Beautiful British Columbia!


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