Sinope Propane Tank Monitor: Spring '21

Is there a good chance this new zigbee device coming this Spring will work with HE? They say it'll work with SmartThings. I imagine a driver would have to be written?

I like the idea of an energy efficient zigbee monitor.


I can't comment on the Sonope, but Tank Utility works fine in Hubitat as well as Genmon.

I like the idea of zigbee vs. wifi, plus the potential to directly interface with HE without the dependence on another server.

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I've been very interested in this propane monitor as well.
Any new info since you posted?
The Sinope website only shows that it's available summer 2021, and no cost info.
They show other devices (their thermostat) is Hubitat compatible, so I'm hoping they will make this monitor compatible as well.
Anyone have any news on this?

I inquired at Sinope about what their propane monitor will do and when it will be available.
It took a week to hear back from them but got this:

Thank you for your interest in our company and our products.
Concerning your request, the Tank level monitor works only with a tank remote ready dial R3D (float gauge), following big tanks like 20 lbs and more, it is will be very easy to remorse (just a clip), presently We don't have any information about the compatibility with the others platforms like Hubitat, prices and disponibility will be determinate very soon.

So, if my Quebec-ian is accurate, they might work with a 20lb BBQ tank, but not sure about the R3D float gauge.
This doesn't look like I can use this with tanks I get refilled at Home Depot!
Any thoughts? Anyone know more about R3D gauges?

That's for those who heat with propane.

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Perhaps a scale?

Well, as it happens…

image image image image

I had this linked with my Wink system. Kept it in case I could eventually use it with Hubitat, but never ended-up trying it.

Probably the best choice if the tank is like the one shown. I seem to remember someone trying a thermal strip on the side of the tank as the temp is lower on the top as the gas vaporizes, but was most accurate while the tank was being used. Too late to tell you have no gas just as you start cooking.
So did it work well on Wink? (the good old, more simple days)

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Nop…. It was not very reliable…. It never seemed to tell me that it was getting empty when it should have…

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Now it says Fall 2021. I wouldn't hold my breath.

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