SinopƩ Outlets on Sale for $29.95 at Amazon

Just a quick heads up, the SinopƩ Outlets are on sale at Amazon right now for $29.95. There's only a handful left.

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Why are these $30?

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So likely the only one I can use for dryer apps?

Assuming itā€™s a gas dryer. Electric dryers are typically 240V/30A.

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For an electric clothes dryer? Those are 240VAC. So this would not work.

If for a natural gas dryer, then maybe. It depends on whether or not the outlet is rated for electric motor loads.

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I've been using this for my (gas) dryer and it's been pretty flawless. That said, it's Z-WAVE so I'm not sure how that would fit into your setup.

Since the link is not rendering, it's a ZOOZ ZEN15.

Thx, to monitor washer and dryer I need2. Is there a 2 outlet solution since theyā€™ll never run together and are next to each other?

Not that I am aware of. I personally use an IoTaWatt device to monitor individual circuit breakers in my electrical panel. I have a dedicated 240VAC circuit for my electric dryer, and another dedicated 120VAC circuit for my washing machine. The IoTaWatt utilizes up to 14 current transformers (CTs) to monitor power usage in real-time, and to track energy usage over time. I wrote an integration for Hubitat for the IoTaWatt which has worked well enough for my needs. :sunglasses:

You never run your washer and dryer at the same time? Seems like ours are always both running, but maybe a little less now as the children have grown up. :wink:

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Although I live alone, when Iā€™m drying the first load, Iā€™m washing the second,

So itā€™s not uncommon for them to be used at the same time.


Would any of you guys know what SinopƩ means by "See your energy consumption.."?

Does the plug also report power/current? How often?

Is SinopƩ any better than Centralite?

On Hubitat, it only reports Power in Watts. I'm not sure how often. I will have to check when I get home.

I have no experience with Centralite but I am very happy with the SinopƩ. I am using it to run a large window unit with no issues.

Thank you, guys.

At least on the surface, the plugs capabilities seem similar.

I use an Iris/Centralite plug to monitor one of the fridges.
It is set to report delta >1W; and it send reports every few seconds (is that 'chatty'?).
But, in addition to the compressor monitoring, I can see the fridge door openings.

The Sinope could be a candidate for the second fridge.

I wish I ordered more centrlite ones when they were $10-$12

I've owned about 7 different brands of zigbee plugs, none of them even come close to the signal of the Iris V2 Outlet. It's like a radio station, the signal is strong and goes very far. I have some Iris plugs with 16 end devices routing through it. The Iris plugs do wonders for the Zigbee mesh.
They also do power reporting
Downside is they are big and ugly

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:point_up: Agreed! I have a bunch of Iris v2 3210-L outlets as the backbone of my Zigbee mesh. They work great. Centralite was the OEM for the Iris v2 series of devices, which all work very well.

Well, if either you or @Rxich need to upgrade to zigbee 3,0 outlets, I can't recommend them as outlets, but the eWeLink outlets work really well as zigbee repeaters.

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I tried 5W but the door detection did not work reliably (most of bulbs in my fridges are now LED).

I don't have too many apps; and other than needing a reboot every once in a while, the hubs run fine.

I guess you've answered my question - if, in its 'chattiness' (with the same parameters), the Sinope is similar to the Iris 3210-L, the plug should work for my application.

$7 US WIFI ZigBee Smart Plug Switch Power Socket for eWeLink Amazon Alexa Google | eBay

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Yup - those outlets are zigbee 3.0 and I would recommend them as repeaters, but not as outlets. They are rated at 10A, but I would hesitate to put anything remotely close to that on them.

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