Sinope DM2500ZB

Hi there,
Sinope dimmer - does not report state, unless I click Refresh. Everything works, but not state reporting. I have set 5s interval, default value, and tried to configure, but no response.

Anybody had the same issue?

I don’t have that switch, but am wondering what driver you are using.

Also, is there a configure button on it and if so, did you try pressing it to see if it made a difference?

I am using built in "Sinope Dimmer". I did try "Configure" few times.

It is really odd that everything but reporting of state works…

I would be curious to see if the “Generic Zigbee Dimmer” driver would work at all or better?

Can you try changing it, pressing Refresh, and then seeing if that fixes the issue?

Yup, apart obviously losing configuration variables it shows state correctly. I mean, it takes 1s to report correct state (when turning off), because the dimmer first lowers gradually brightness to zero and then turns relay off. But if I don't care about that nuance - status reporting works on "Generic Zigbee Dimmer".

Okay, that’s interesting… Is there anything that you need to do but can’t do with the Generic Zigbee Dimmer driver? If so, if you change the driver back to the Sinopé driver, does it work properly, or still doesn’t?

Yessir, I can use Generic driver without problem for a daily use, and switch back to the Sinope driver whenever I like to change status LED color :slight_smile:
But I hope somebody can look into this? We can rule out dimmer issue (although I had pairing issues - different button combination to go into pairing mode, than in instructions) because it sends the switch/relay status correctly. What I mean by this - you can configure change time, i.e. 100% to 0% - when using Sinope driver. That I have default 1s, and if I am turning it off dimmer reports "ON" for that 1s and "OFF" once I hear relay clicking inside the dimmer.
So to me it seems that Sinope driver does not configure reporting correctly, while Generic one does... Weird, I know.

@mike.maxwell, are you aware of an issue with the single switches not reporting their status? Is this something that could be fixed?

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I'll have a look


@mike.maxwell did you find anything?
I have the same dimmer. It won't trigger on any on/off rules, only dimmer level rules.
And it should be able to double tap too.

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Yes, a fix for this will be out in platform 2.3.1


Hi @mike.maxwell, I'm experiencing the same thing with Sinope DM2550ZB. I'm glad you found something.

I'm new to HE mostly because I wasn't able to do more "complete" automations in Neviweb. Generally speaking what is the frequency of platform updates?

And while we're here, is there a possibility that HE will support double tap for Sinope Dimmer in the future?


I don't recall the dimmer producing that event

Usually updates come pretty regularly. This has been the longest dry spell I can remember.

There Is a known issue with the Zwave chips that SiLabs acknowledged back in December, and I suspect a lot of energy is going into addressing that at HE.

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I can't say for DM2500ZB but It is supported by Neviweb for the DM2550ZB. I contacted Sinopé support, all they told me is that this is not under their control, HE must enable it.

ah, yeah, they never sent me that model...

I'm getting 3 of those new DM2550ZB next week. Double tap would be a game changer.
I'd chip in to get you one of that's what it takes @mike.maxwell

or you could just loan it to me for a bit...

Can you send me your mailing info?
I'll buy another, have sinopé send it to you, then your can re-send it to me when you're done. I was one short so that works for me.

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Hi @stephane, just wanted to know if you guys have been able to agree on something to have Sinopé switch and dimmer double tap?