Sinope Dimmer

Hi everyone,

Anybody has experience with sinope dimmers? The hub is discovering without a problem. I then select sinope dimmer but it looks like its not working.

Do i need a specific driver to use it on hubitat?

My sinope thermostats were added with the generic drivers.


"" resolved** :grin:

If you can add what the specific issue was that you had and how you resolved it, that might help others. Otherwise the topic should really be deleted as it doesn’t add any information that will help anyone.

I wanted to delete it but i dont think thats possible. So i basically unplug my hub for 10 minutes, reset the switches and added them again. Followed by configure and refresh and it worked

You can always delete your post by pressing on the Trash can icon. If like I can delete it for you, but there’s some useful information now. Thanks.

Just want to add that you should always shut down the hub. Never just pull the plug or you may corrupt the database.

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