Single Leaksmart Sensor not Triggering HSM

I have multiple leaksmart water sensors and a leaksmart water valve.

I have HSM setup to close the valve on ANY sensor that detects water. This triggers on all of the sensors except one. The sensor works (it beeps and flashes when it detects water), and it is connected to the HE (I can see activity in the log). I tried swapping in brand new batteries, that didn't help.

Any reason this one sensor would trigger the HSM?

Can you show your setup for HSM?

In addition to what @Ryan780 asked for, does the sensor's device page indicate "wet" v/s "dry".

good point....I figure that this meant changing from dry to wet but activity doesn't equal alert.

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It does

Uncheck use every sensor and see if the sensor in question is an option, It may not be using the right driver if not.

Coming back to this... my sensors are showing as wet in the dashboard and make noise/light when in contact with water... just won't trigger the HSM that all my other sensors do.

Also, removed them from the network, did a factory reset, and adding them back again. Still no reaction from HSM

Check the device page for the one that isn't triggering HSM, and confirm that the event history indicates wet and dry events at the expected times.

Yes the change from dry to wet and back to dry show up in the event history.

I would suggest contacting support.