Single Gang but need two switches

I have a single gang box that controls two lights. I was using a rooted wink relay but that thing finally bit the dust.

Am I able to use the Qubino dual relay behind two pico remotes?

I have both hubitat and lutron hubs. I do not want to try to jam the relay behind a dual switch. not enough room and I do not have enough room to put in a 2 gang box.


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That should work. There are other in-wall dual relays that work with Hubitat as well.

If you only have a single gang box, I'm not sure how you would have 2 Picos there unless you install a blank faceplate and 3M tape the Picos to the faceplate.

You can put a dual gang plate on a single gang box with a pico in the extra spot.

Depend on the lights zooz has a single gang dual load switch.

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I was thinking i could get the pico wall mount adapters and slide the picos in and drywall anchor the other one in and use shortcuts to turn the lights on and off???

I just want to make sure they relays do not require a physical switch in the mix as i would like to eliminate that.

They don't. And the Pico wall mount kit can be adapted easily to use a 2-gang cover plate.

Awesome. This is the direction i will go. thanks for the guidance.

I assumed that there was only room at surface of drywall for single faceplate also. My bad...

Zooz zen 34 might be something to consider as well.

Zooz Z-Wave Plus 700 Series Remote Switch ZEN34 (Battery Powered) - The Smartest House