Single Button Dimmer

Added this rule which enables a single button to dim a light up and down. Not sure if there's a built-in or user app that does this. In any case, it works great so thought others might be interested. Any thoughts on improving the logic is quite welcome.


Oh, I was playing around with the Connector option for variables (see level). I don't now what Connectors do but its not required here.


Hey Glen.
Ive downloaded and have been using a user app called Advanced Button Controller. It has some very simple options for on off. dimming up / down, and i use one with a pico where i can control on / off, dimming and a botton assigned for stepping through some basic colors.
Great to be able to do in rules but im a real fan ABC......oh. i have a button assigned to a fan too!
There is also a native app in Hubitat called Button Controller that can likely so the same as your rule,


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Thanks Mac!

I've used ABC in the past. Will give it a look.

I do use the built-in button controller app but didn't see an option for cycling through levels or colors using the same button. I'll give that another look at well.


im not able to set up the last line. dimm to a variable . i can only set numbers there.

thank you

I couldn't reproduce the last line exactly either.
Using "run custom actions" worked for me.
Note the '%'-signs enclosing the string value of the variable.

2021-02-16 23_46_23-light-2-dimmer