Single Button Dimmer

Added this rule which enables a single button to dim a light up and down. Not sure if there's a built-in or user app that does this. In any case, it works great so thought others might be interested. Any thoughts on improving the logic is quite welcome.


Oh, I was playing around with the Connector option for variables (see level). I don't now what Connectors do but its not required here.


Hey Glen.
Ive downloaded and have been using a user app called Advanced Button Controller. It has some very simple options for on off. dimming up / down, and i use one with a pico where i can control on / off, dimming and a botton assigned for stepping through some basic colors.
Great to be able to do in rules but im a real fan ABC......oh. i have a button assigned to a fan too!
There is also a native app in Hubitat called Button Controller that can likely so the same as your rule,


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Thanks Mac!

I've used ABC in the past. Will give it a look.

I do use the built-in button controller app but didn't see an option for cycling through levels or colors using the same button. I'll give that another look at well.