Simultaneous actions for doorbell lights

Hello, I need help. Do i need two rules or can i accomplish this in one?

When someone presses my doorbell button i'd like the lamp in the office to flash simultaneously along with the light downstairs. I only want the office lamp to flash if it is already on.

As written, the downstairs light doesnt start flashing until the upstairs light completes its sequence, which is way too long.

Im scratching my head on this one, am i making it too complex by keeping them both in the same rule?

Yes, you will need to have two rules if you want the flashing to occur concurrently. They both can trigger with the same trigger, or you can run the second within the first (there is a Rule Machine command to run a rule).

you may find that if you group the 2 lights into a single group -then issue the flash, they work as one.

Two rules did the trick. Thanks!

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