Simplicity up and running but have node issues

So I have Simplicity installed, my Z-stick enrolled to my C4 and now trying to learn this PC Controller operation.

However I learned that Zwave nodes in the HE have 1 to 6 reserved and nothing should be there. But in PC Controller it shows 2 devices enrolled there. HE ZwaveDetails confirms this as well. Node 002 is a light dimmer (Power Switch Multilevel in PC Controller), and another one at 005 which is another light dimmer PC calls a Power Switch Multilevel as well.

They all work fine and lord knows how long it has been this way.
What should I do about it? I want everything right before migration.

Finally I cannot find a practicle general guide for using PC Controller in here. Is there a thread or a guide that covers more than ghost removal. I would like to understand more of what I see in PC Controller.