Simpler method of using Abode Motion sensor activity as Hubitat Rule trigger?

My Abode security system is connected to Hubitat. The "connection" consists of the Hubitat being able to read and set the mode (Away, Home, etc.) and the Hubitat being able to read only the activities that post to the Abode timeline.

To use the security system motion sensors to trigger lights in HE, motion needs to trigger an entry on the Abode timeline. However, when the security system mode is standby or home, the motion sensors don't trigger a timeline report. To resolve for this, and since the Abode has its own CUE automations, I set up a CUE automation to fire each time the motion sensor is triggered.

The problem is the Hubitat rule will only trigger the first time the motion sensor reports. After that HE does not see a change, so the rule won't trigger again. So I added an action to the Cue automation, which writes to the timeline. But there was alot of inconsistency in the Abode timeline reporting - sometimes the motion sensor reported first, sometimes the CUE action reported first. Since my setting is for HE to leave the lights on for 2 minutes, I set up Abode to end the CUE action after 1 minute (smallest Abode increment). That creates a distinct entry in the timeline 1 minute after the motion trigger. This seems to consistently send the unique motion trigger signal to HE, but I was wondering if there is a:

a. more elegant, streamlined (and hopefully quicker) way to do this using the Abode motion sensors?
b. way to make the lights stay on in HE as long as the Abode system is sending motion signals? Currently the lights go off after 2 minutes, even if there was another timeline entry trigger at 1 min 30 seconds.

I wouldn't mix the two systems together, as they are not meant to be together (Abode doesn't offer an official API to share their devices). Instead, I would double up on sensors. I have Abode recessed door sensors inside the door and Zigbee sensors on the door connected to Hubitat. For me, it was less expensive to buy additional sensors, and infinitely more reliable, than trying to make the unofficial integration work. Generally Abode sensors run on 433mhz, so interference between the two hubs is minimal.


I hear you on that, but there would be less than zero HAF if I install more motion sensors... Also very interesting to learn that you personally use the Abode system.

I'm considering the Inovelli and/or Zooz switches with integral mmw and/or motion sensors, once they are available. The beauty of those is they go in the same place as an existing switch, so installing them only elicits an eyeroll, but I'm not advised "that thing is not staying."

In the meantime, I'm trying to use the Abode sensors I have, which include recessed door sensors, slim strips and motion sensors. The unofficial HE Abode integration and the Abode door sensors (recessed and slim strips) work flawlessly with Hubitat automations for exterior ceiling fans (connected through Bond) or lights connected to Inovelli switches. It also works flawlessly with various HE triggers to set the alarm modes.

What I have set up using the Abode motion sensors as described above works, I was just trying to get a bit more streamlined.

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