Hey guys, very new here and old as well and coming from Tuya application. Wrecked my old brain trying to figure a rule here and still no joy.
In my head and I use to make it work in tuya with two different type of automations.
I want a light to turn on if there's a motion detected and turn it off off either if there's no motion or let's say if I switch it on by voice or even with a on dashboard. I got it work to go on and off with motion and not motion but if I turn it on by voice or dashboard stays on so wondering if anyone could help me and if I can make it all in one rule or do I have to create 2 differents rule like I used to have in Tuya app?

Before you start with Rule Machine, I'd look into apps designed specifically for this. Room Lighting is the most powerful but might appear equally daunting (but probably easier), or the old Motion Lighting app is still around. For something even simpler, you could start with Basic Rule or its older cousin, Simple Automation Rules, though I'm not sure I'd recommend that one at this point.

As you can see, there are lots of options. :smiley: I'm not trying to confuse you; if I had to pick one and you're new, I might start with Basic Rules (you may need two, but there is nothing wrong with that!) or Motion Lighting for a bit more power, but feel free to try any option and see which one clicks with you first.

If you want it to be Rule Machine, I'd suggest sharing a screenshot of your (entire) rule here so someone can help you figure out what might need to be changed to get what you want. But you'll also have to think a bit about what that is. For example:

How do you want it to turn off in this case? Something has to "trigger" it to turn off, whether is motion becoming active and then inactive (an automation you likely already have set up--and could probably adjust if it's not doing what you want), time since turning on, etc.


Thank you for your reply and I'll look into those for sure. For now just trying to get the house running again as just moved most thing to hubitbat now. I had it simple two automations on the Tuya app and they worked the way I want. They were every simple as Tuya doesn't off much options.

I had there one for if motion was detected by one sensor would turn on the light.

The other was if there's no motion the light would turn off.

That being said, before if I had that light turned on on the app or by voice it would turn off automatically if there was no motion.
Couldn't figure here yet a way to do that in just one rule or even in two.. I've been playing around with it before coming here asking for help but a old brain is a old brain and sure someone have it done the way I'm thinking. Thanks for the help and tips.

Edit I have tried multiple ways but here is that last I tried

Looking at your rule, I would say either Motion or Room Lighting would be better app than Rule Machine for what you are trying to do. With that said, if you are determined to use Rule Machine, I would suggest the following as a starting point:

Triggers: Motion Active; Motion Inactive (Bathroom Presence Sensor)
Action: If Motion Active, turn on Bathroom Lights; Else, Turn off Bathroom Lights

The above rule will activate your lights anytime it sensor sends an active event and turn off the lights anytime the sensor sends an inactive event. The rule will always activate based on the sensor's event and send an on/off command regardless of the light status.

If that's your priority, then using the purpose-built app for lighting automation (Room Lighting) as @bertabcd1234 recommended is your best bet. For example - if you create below in Room Lighting it will just work.

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Thank you. I got it working


Thank you. I got them working


Love a happy ending. :wink:

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