Simple Sprinklers

Good Morning.
I'm going to politely try and keep the topic alive in hopes that the development team adds just a few more features to simple sprinklers....perhaps it becomes "Smart Sprinklers on a future release:)
I'm in Houston, and with all the recent storm activity we had been getting quite different forecasts for rain..and therefor i'd spent a little time thinking on how that might affect my watering schedule.

In a perfect are the things i'd love to see as options.

  • some ability to set a rain delay. I wouldn't profess to know the most efficient way of doing that but something like a virtual switch that could be enabled / disabled might work.
  • if the above was done on a virtual switch..i'm pretty certain i could tie that to IFTTT so if i chose to set up - the system would be tied to a local zip code for rain forecasts
  • some ability to over ride the rain delay. i'm assuming that once IFTTT sends the command to enable the rain delay, there are times where i might want to ignore that. If done on a VS - i could simply go to my dashboard and toggle that command
  • repeat schedule. My lawn needs about 15 minutes of water in the Houston summer...but anything more than 5 mins of duration and the water just runs off into the street and consequently the recommendation is to do 3 cycles of 5 minutes. I can do that now with three different schedules....BUT if would be great to have a repeat option. Under set schedule to run, perhaps there could be an option to repeat the entire schedule?

Anyway...the options available now are far easier than setting all of this up in this honestly isn't a complaint....but hopefully an opportunity for feedback if @adamkempenich opens the code up again. ( will send starbucks coffee card...honest:)


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