Simple Rule won't turn off at night, but will in the morning

I just switched over from Smartthings and the transition has been pretty smooth. However, I have one device that will not turn off at night using a simple rule. It is the only device giving me troubles.

It is one of the relays in a Qubino Flush 2 relay. It will turn on reliably using rules, but won't turn off. I have it set to control outdoor lighting and want it to turn off at night (10:30 pm) along with one other device. Unfortunately, the Qubino will not turn off, while the other device will.

To see if it would turn off at another time using the simple rule, I added two other times for just the Qubino. One at 10:15 pm and one at 7:00 am. The 10:15pm will also not work, but the 7:00 am works fine.

I am very confused why the rule won't trigger in the evening.


Post your rule(s) so that folks smarter than me have enough info to help you resolve this. :slight_smile:

You could also trigger the rule w/logging enabled and post a screen shot of the logs, that can be very helpful.

OK, thanks. I guess I need some tutoring on how to add a picture. It says I can't add a picture to the post even though it shows it in the preview.

Save it on your computer or phone click the picture icon to upload from your machine. I've never been able to just paste the picture into a post. Are you sure you have the time right? I had a similar problem, I had on at sunrise , off at sunset instead of the reverse.

Yeah, that is not working. It says I cant add pictures to the post. Maybe since I am a new member.

Anyway, here it is in text:

Which Lights or switches do you want to automate?
Front Decorations
Palm Lights

What do you want to do?
Turn Off

How do you want to trigger the action?
At a specific time

Turn off at
10:30 PM

Also turn on at
--:-- --

The 'Palm LIghts' Switch is the problem. The others trigger properly.

I set up two other simple rules just for Palm Lights using the same arguments. One at 10:15 pm and one at 7:00 am. The one at 7:00 am works, the one at 10:15 does not.


I just looked at my notifications and it says new users have limited capabilities. So that is why I can't upload pictures yet.

And just like that, new user restrictions have been lifted.

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Go to the device page for the Palm lights, and confirm you can control them w/the on/off buttons on that page.

Then scroll to the bottom of hte Palm lights device page and look in the "In Use By" section to see if any other automations are using the lights that might interfere.


Thanks for the suggestion. Sometimes it would work from the device page, and other times it would be non-responsive.

In looking at the logs, I have many devices that report power usage. This includes three of these Qubino flush 2 relays and one Zooz double plug. When adding the devices, I didn't change their settings. When reporting power, they all would report power repeatedly. The Qubino devices would report 5-6 times within miliseconds, and the Zooz was worse at a dozen reports for each side! I tried to trigger the devices during this power reporting, and they would not respond. These power reports appear to 'clog' the z-wave communication causing some devices to be non-responsive. The Qubino devices seemed to be the most affected.

I changed settings for all of these devices to stop power usage reporting and this seemed to make the overall system a little more snappier.

And, for the first time last night, the troubled devices actually turned off at the correct time. So, hopefully that was the problem. I will report back if it happens again.

Thanks again!

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Yep! That's been reported before...excessive power reporting can bog down your mesh and cause problems. Some devices set a very low bar for reporting, so you get tons of "Hey - pretty much almost nothing just happened!" messaging that you don't need. Good work tracking that down. :slight_smile: