Simple rule turns on light but not off

I have a simple rule to turn on a light at sunset and off at sunrise. Sometimes the light remains turned on, despite the status on the device info page being shown at off.

The simple rule is set to have logging enabled, but I don't see any event in the events pane.

I wonder if the rule is not triggering or somehow the command is not being received by the light. I can control it nicely from the devices page.

It has the correct events:

You look in the Logs tab for logs, the events won't show the commands from the rules etc. You also should enable logs for the device as well as the rule to see everything.

Can you post a screenshot of the rule in question?

What brand and model device is this by the way?

Logging for the simple rule was enabled, but I can't find it in "Past logs". I just enabled it for the device too.

The device is an osram colored strip for outdoors use.

From the rule logging I can see it tries to turn it off:

Mar 7 06:30:59 {"name":"Turn On & Set Color Garden Lights at sunset +30","msg":"Turn On & Set Color Garden Lights at sunset +30 anti-Turn On & Set Color","i>

but there's isn't anything logged about the device after that

I just notice that, while the lights are on, the status in the UI is off. Maybe for some reason the status is not tracked correctly and the rule doesn't try to turn off a devices that it's seen as off already