Simple Lighting - When someone departs?


Is there a reason why "Someone Departs" is not an option?


You can just select one presence sensor, so that when “everyone” leaves, it’s no different than “someone.”

Yes, you can do that, but what I am trying to do calls for having 5 presence sensors and "anyone" so that if any of those 5 presence sensors flips, it turns out the lights. There does not seem to be a way to do that. I would have to right a simple rule for each person. Might as well try this with complex rule in RM3.

Why would you turn off a light if 1 person leaves but 4 are still there? Wouldn't the 4 still there WANT the lights on? :smile:

@JasonJoel ,

Only three of the five are current residents. 1 goes to work in the dark. 2 come home in the dark. 1 is housebound. 2 arrive and depart during the day.

I use FINGBOX to determine presence via WiFi connect/disconnect from their phones to the home network. FING + IFTTT + Hubitat. FING detects and triggers virtual device switch/presence.

When 1 leaves in the dark, I want their departure to turn out the lights. No one else needs them on.
When either 1 or 2 come home in the dark, I want the lights to come on and stay on until both are present.

Does that make sense?


Ah, that makes more sense. I wasn't trying to be a wise-guy, I was genuinely curious of the use case.

To answer your original question - I think you can do what you want with Cobra's Presence Central app, using trigger action type Group 1 (Anyone arrives or leaves = changed presence).

Although I don't use that mode (I use Group 2), so am not 100% sure. Might be worth looking into though!


I took it as intended. It is a little different scenario. I am going to check out @Cobra 's stuff. Sounds like he has quite a few things I may use. What is "Group 2"


Oh, for the presence central you have options on what it will decide is present vs away.

  1. Group 1 is Anyone arrives or leaves = changed presence
  2. Group 2 is 'Present' if ANYONE is at home - 'Not Present' only when EVERYONE leaves. That isn't what you want.
  3. Group 3 is 'Present' only if EVERYONE is at home - 'Not Present' if ANYONE leaves

EDIT: Would have been easier to just take a picture:

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That makes perfect sense. Had to read through it again, but it looks like G1 will work for me.