Simple Lighting to IFTTT issue

Good day everyone,

I couldn't find a Simple Lighting Category so I though this will be the best place for it.
I have several Simple Lighting rules. 4 of them turn on different exterior lights at the same exact time but IFTTT only executes 1 of them, 2 of them, 3 of them and when I am lucky all of them. Is the issue with IFTTT?

By the way the Hubitat to IFTTT triggers can only turn on or off one device at the time which is a limitation.


How are you using IFTTT?

Is it the trigger, in other words do you have a switch on another system and the lighting on Hubitat?

Or are you using a light on IFTTT from a switch in Hubitat?

Worse yet is both the trigger and the light on IFTTT and you are using the hub to do both?

Hi neonturbo.

I have 3 IFTTT devices connected to Hubitat and are shown in devices as virtual switches. Then with a Simple Lighting rule I turn it on or off. Then on the IFTTT side the trigger runs and turns on or off a SmarLife Switch (which I forgot to mention in my previous post).

So I have those 3 SmartLife switches and one Lutron Switch for Exterior lights totaling 4.

I have the following setup:

And I have all these rules in IFTTT for Hubitat:

Do you think the problem is not in IFTTT and it could be in SmartLife?

I am not familiar with Smartlife speed or it's reliability (maybe someone else can comment on this) but IFTTT is generally slow and inconsistent. On top of that you are adding a second cloud integration to Smartlife, and a third to Hubitat. There is no way it isn't going to be bad.

My (maybe unpopular) opinion is that Wifi stuff, especially the cheap Chinese stuff, is awful in general. Who knows how long they will be around, what servers they use, how they treat your data, and with more complexity than you would have with a simple Zigbee or Z-wave device on a local hub.

The only saving grace may be that some of these Wifi devices apparently can be hacked/flashed to run local. You might look to see if that is possible with your devices.

I agree. I should have looked into a Zigbee or Z-wave solution when I started expanding my home automation. I saw a thread with some code to control the SmartLife devices but I am not sure if it runs local. Running local is the best like Hubitat does.

Thanks a lot.