Simple Lighting Sunrise app not running

When I got up this morning, I noticed a few lights were on. This shouldn't be the case, as I have a basic catch-all Simple Lighting rule that turns off a bunch of lights at Sunrise + 20 minutes in case anybody leaves something lit.

I also upgraded firmware to yesterday.

My location information looks like this:

Information for the app looks like this:

Logs during that super-early morning time-frame look like this:

Did something change to cause this behavior? Do I just need to go in and click on "Done" in the app to reset things?

Just curious, and wanted to let you know if this is something that needs to be looked at.


Just open the rule and hit Done. That will fix it.

Thanks. That's kind of what I figured, but it doesn't really explain why it happened.

If this is normal (for instance after certain updates) maybe we should write something up letting folks know they should review their apps, rather than waiting for them to fail.

Again, thanks.

No, it's not normal, but because of my screw-up! I thought I was being careful with backwards compatibility with this change to Simple Lighting, but obviously not careful enough! It caught me off guard that this blew up on people. So, I'm actually doing a post-mortem right now, seeing if it is possible to fix for those who haven't yet done the Done fix.

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Very good. Thanks for all your work and help.

There are other issues. I opened and โ€œdoneโ€ my sunset events. The next day one didnโ€™t run at sunset. Not related to sunset but to a rule and simple lighting after the 1.3 update The 2 events that run at 11pm neither ran. From setting everything up 2 weeks ago to tne 1.3 update ( and the patch ) my reliability went from 100% to about 60%.

In the words of my granddaughter, waaaa haappeeeen ?

Could you please post a screenshot here of the Simple Lighting rule that did not run at sunset, and also of the app detail page for it (circle i link to right of app name on Apps page). Same for any other rule that didn't run when it was supposed to run.

Hopefully quick question here. If I see in my Logs that app: 14 is having issues, what's the best way to determine the friendly name of that app?

You click app: 14 then on the top where you see the name of your devices you will see the device related to app: 14 is darker.

You can also navigate to that app by:

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I tried that. Normally that works for apps and devices, but in this case (where the log item is an error) nothing shows up. It also has the effect of clearing the log, so I'm looking for another way in.


Thank you @ritchierich . That did the trick.

(Perhaps some day these numbers might be exposed in that app or device list, or even their individual details areas.)

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