Simple Lighting Rule turning on, not off, w/ "Also turn off at sunrise"


I've had a rule running for several days now to turn my porch light on to 20% at sunset and I thought I had it configured to turn off at sunrise. Turning the light on works, but the rule seems to turn it on to the same level again at sunrise (i.e., leave it unchanged at 20), rather than turning it off. Am I misunderstanding how "Also turn off at sunrise" should work? I realize I could probably just replace this with a Rule Machine rule, but I'd like to use the simplest solution that can work, which seems like it should be Simple Lighting.

Screenshots of app config/status/logs:


Those subscriptions don't look right. I will look into this.

Did you edit this Rule and change it? When I set this same rule up I get completely different subscriptions than you. You have a beforeSunrise subscription which makes no sense at all.

Please delete this rule and set it up again. Show the app status page after you do that.


@bravenel You're right, when I re-created the rule from scratch I got a different set of subscriptions. Status page:

I don't remember exactly, but it's very likely I created the rule and then edited it, since this was my first time using Simple Lighting, though I don't remember exactly what I tried. I tried a couple variants on what I might have done (first set it to turn off at sunrise, then change to turn on a sunset, then change "Also turn on/off" settings) and could not reproduce the same results. I can keep trying to replicate it if it would be helpful.


I have a similar issue but not quite the same. I want to turn on a light at sunset but off at a specific time. I can use the Simple Lighting Rule for turn on and off at specific times but this does not look like a capability when using sunrise/sunset.

Can someone confirm this limitation or am I missing something? It seems like you need to use Rule Machine for this kind of rule. Thanks.


Yes, you need to use Rule Machine for this. It's a simple rule, like this: