Simple Lighting Rule Not Working

I have a simple rule set up, when motion is active turn on a light. When motion is inactive wait 5 minutes and turn off the light. I have an Iris V2 triggering the rule with a Zoos Zen21 V3 switch. Looking at the Iris event log I see the motion go active, 30 seconds later it goes inactive. Sometimes the light turns on, sometimes it doesn’t. When the light does turn on, sometimes the light turns off and sometimes it doesn’t. The switch event log corresponds with the condition I see in the real world. If the light is on and didn’t shut off I see the switch event log show on but I don’t see a corresponding off. It seems like the signal just isn’t being sent to the switch to turn off.

There are three Zigbee devices on the network and 20 Zwave. This is the only lighting rule, there are 10 RM rules set up. Just updated the hub last night to the latest and greatest firm ware.

I assume that the Zooz is a Zwave Plus device? How many powered zwave devices to you have? Have you made any device changes lately? The first thing I would do is run a zwave repair and see if that solves the issue. I know people who run them at least monthly, if not more often. Try that first. Also, you may want to take a look at what you have for custom apps and if you've changed anything, besides the plaform update.


Thanks for the suggestions, yes the Zoos Switch is Z wave. I did a repair as you suggested, rule executed 3 out of 5 times. There are three powered Zwave devices in the basement, and two on the first floor. Maybe 10 total Zwave Plus devices, two Zigbee and the Ecobee on WiFi. The Hub sits in the middle of the house on the 1st floor. The only new device has been the Zwave plus switch I am using for this automation, last new device was an Inovolli Zwave plus multi sensor about two weeks ago. I have a Zwave plus power strip and Z wave Plus Hank push button that gets used twice a day by the kids to turn on the fish tank light on, turn off the filters an then turn the filters back on and light off at different intervals when they feed the fish. That is through rule machine and executes without issue.

I am an automation engineer, normally I would create some trap logic in my PLC to figure out where the failure is or at least watch the code execute. Is there any way to watch the rule execute, see if the delay timer counts down and sends the output to the light switch?

Is there a diagnostic to see how hard the processor in Hub is working? Maybe I have a not so efficient RM rule that’s chewing up processor time?

Short of that I am going to write a custom rule in RM and see how that executes. All suggestions welcome.

Are you using the Motion Lighting app or Rule Machine for your rule? If you are using Rule Machine, you should paste a screenshot of your rule.
For simple motion lighting, I would recommend using the Motion Lighting app.

I am using the Simple Lighting App.

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