Simple Lighting Not Working After Power Outage

I know this has been discussed before but there has not been an answer. I have had a number of power outages this winter and each time the simple lighting quit working. I have let it go for 2 days and it still didn't work. I have found that rebooting and hard power cycle (unplug - replug) doesn't help. The only way to get it working is to do a shutdown and then power cycle.

This has been happening since I purchased the new version. I did not remember this problem with the old version of the hardware. I still have the old unit in my shop so today I took down a zigbee bulb like I use on my porches and set up a simple lighting rule to turn it on at sunset. I cycled power like a power outage and the light still came on at sunset. There appears to be an issue with the new units when they are not gracefully shutdown that a reboot doesn't correct. I have reported this problem last year but no resolution so I thought I would bring it up here to see if others have had similar issues. I would be willing to do additional testing if requested.

Key information above, so the simple lighting in the newer hub will not work the rules with sunset in the rule or all rules? Tagging @bobbyD and I suggest you to open a ticket
For me sounds like a network issue with the time server, but I'm Dumb so I recomend you to wait for Bobby.

Good luck

To answer your question, the time based rules also do not work on the new hub until I do the shutdown and power cycle. I will take your advice and open a ticket.